Al-Manar Report, January 12, 2018 (English subtitles). 
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The city of Haifa has witnessed clashes between Zionist police and Palestinian protesters because of insulting depictions of the Messiah and his Mother, peace be upon them, in an exhibition constituting a new aggression against the most sacred religious symbols.

Without any moral or legal deterrent, the Zionist entity continues its offenses against the revealed religions and beliefs, by displaying humiliating depictions of the Messiah and the Virgin Mary, peace be upon them, exhibited at the Haifa Museum of Fine Arts, which represents a new aggression against Christian holy figures, and is part of a continuous chain of destruction of all Muslim and Christian sacred symbols in occupied Palestine.

The so-called international community and the world media have kept silent about this, but Palestinian Christians faced it with demonstrations in front of the museum, demanding the withdrawal of the depictions insulting their most sacred figures. Police forces of the occupant repelled them with tear gas and stun grenades, and arrested a number of them after charging the protesters violently.

Christian religious figures have demanded the withdrawal of the offensive depictions, and the Council of Catholic Churches of Palestine was indignant about this treatment to the greatest references of Christianity. For its part, the Islamic and Christian Relief Organization for Al-Quds (Jerusalem) and the Holy Places strongly denounced these offenses as representing the pinnacle of racism, and called to resist the attempts to denigrate religions conducted by various Israeli media and museums.

Everything indicates that this offense is one of a string of attacks against religious places, one of which being the recent destruction of crosses and tombstones in a cemetery of the Salesian monastery of Beit Jamal west of occupied Al-Quds (Jerusalem). Such attacks against the cemeteries and the priory church took place in previous years, committed by the Zionist settlers.