Report of Al-Manar TV, Hezbollah channel, December 27, 2018.



Al-Manar Journalist: Zionist security sources responded to Moscow’s Statement that the latest Israeli strikes in Syria endangered two civilian planes over Lebanon by saying that Moscow has not kept its commitments regarding the Iranian presence there, and Zionists analysts have recognized that freedom of action in Syria is dramatically reduced.

The occupying entity has clearly expressed its discomfort with the Russian position which has denounced the endangerment of two civilian planes over Lebanon during its aggression against Syria on Tuesday evening. This position was expressed to the Associated Press by an anonymous Zionist security source who accused Russia of not having kept the promise to repel Iranian forces at 80 km from the border with the occupied Golan, thereby acknowledging that the Zionists were responsible for the recent strikes against Syria.

Ayhud Ya’ri, Zionist analyst of Arab affairs: This is the first time that Russia described the Israeli attack as a provocation, and this clearly indicates that the Russian Ministry of Defense has lost patience. And Syrian sources claim that the anti-aircraft missiles that were fired against Israeli planes could fall, next time, accidentally or intentionally, on the positions of the Israeli army in Mount Hermon (occupied Syrian territory). 

Rouni Daniel, Zionist analyst of Arab affairs: The Russian position brings us to a critical point, because they absolutely refuse the Israeli freedom of action and want to end it. And I do not think that Israel is able to respond favorably to this request.

Report: The Yediot Aharonot commented the Zionist aggression in Syria by saying that in light of the end of the chaos there, Israel’s ability to conduct attacks against Syria without paying a price is over.

Tzveka Yahzkalay, Zionist analyst of Arab affairs: The opportunities for action in Syria are closing inexorably, and it is doubtful that Israel could carry out attacks whenever it wishes, because such windows of action disappear, and the question is this: will Israel manage to prevent the Iranian presence after the US withdrawal? It is difficult to say at 100% that Israel will succeed.

Report: Unlike the usual practice, Zionist analysts acknowledged that the Syrian air defense system is now able to face the Zionist missiles over Syria, and intercepted a number of them during the last attack near Damascus.

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