Al-Manar Report (Hezbollah channel), December 27, 2018.



Al-Manar Journalist: By the admission of a Zionist General, the Israeli army is not ready for war, and the Israelis will pay a huge price. 

Report: The testimony comes from their own ranks: the Israeli army is not ready for war, and Israelis will pay a huge price because of dangerous lies about the security situation. Contrary to what was happening before, the response of the spokesman for the soldier’s affairs, General Isaac Brek, was scathing and public, following claims of the Army and Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Defense in the Knesset, who said that the Army was ready for war. Brek attacked violently these claims, as if he wanted to publicly wash his hands, saying that no one could claim that he had not warned (everyone about the dangers of the Israeli adventurism).

Zionist Analyst: Brek says in his (open) letter that Israeli citizens will pay a huge price because of dangerous lies from the military institutions, and no one can say he did not warn the public about this. And he insisted again on the many flaws and gaps in the supply level and ability of the ground forces, who are not ready to face the next war.

Report: And in his position that reveals the truth about Israel’s capabilities, Brek confirms that the claims about the army’s readiness do not reflect the dangerous reality of the army in the field.

Zionist Analyst: When paying attention to detail, we see many similarities between the assertion of the internal committees of the army and Isaac Brek. The committees talk about problems in the readiness of the army and in the coordination (of the forces), and they know that there is a problem in the human element, evoked by Brek. Brek said many true things.

Report: Faced with this situation, Brek then describes what is happening as a lack of responsibility among senior government officials of the occupant entity.

Zionist Analyst: We should talk about the insufficient capacity of the infantry, which represent a complex challenge requiring a lot of money and stability. And this persistent problem is very important, as these forces have sometimes received the required funding, and sometimes not. And when that does not happen, the fall is very hard. The specific cases in 2014 and 2015 raised by Brek relate to drastic budget cuts that have heavily burdened the infantry forces.

Report: This confession became a heated debate within the Zionist entity, and describes the real situation of the Israeli army, sharply weakened, leading to strong fears and anxiety for any future confrontation.

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