Speech of Sayed Hassan Nasrallah, Secretary General of Hezbollah, on June 5, 2015

In his last speech, Sayed Hassan Nasrallah spoke at length about the situation in Lebanon, along with Syria and Yemen, and devoted only a few minutes to the Zionist entity. In response to recent Israeli bluster threateneing to move 1.5 million Lebanese in any upcoming war and ravage Lebanon, Sayed Hassan Nasrallah recalled that this was but psychological warfare, and besides, ever since its inception, Israel has lived only by massacres and destruction and cannot act otherwise.

The new elements must be found on the side of the capabilities of the Resistance, which is capable of inflicting considerable damage to the enemy, be it against its armed forces or at the Israeli home front, which will be targeted in response to attacks against Lebanese civilians as to force the evacuation of millions of Israelis. The war in Syria, which cost five times more men to Hezbollah than the 2006 war (the soldiers of the Islamic State are still less cowardly than those of the Judaic State), must be a sign of a more crushing defeat still for Israel, thanks to the experience gained by Hezbollah. After the liberation of Qalamoun, will we soon witness the liberation of Galilee and the Golan announced by Sayed Hassan Nasrallah? It will happen inevitably.

Sayed 7asan

Norman Finkelstein comments: Vandal Army Prepares to Sack Rome; Peace Be Unto the Party of Roman Gods (and May It Smite the Vandal Hordes)

Transcript :

Translation from Arabic : Sayed 7asan
Translation from French : Jenny Bright
The first point concerns the Israeli enemy.
A few days ago, we have seen, in occupied Palestine, that the enemy government conducted military manoeuvres on the home front called “Turning Point 8”. The number 8 refers to the fact that we are in 2015, and after the July War (2006), after analysing the situation, everyone in Israel agreed unanimously that Israel was defeated – with unanimity, no one claims Israel won the war. Of course, in Lebanon, there are some who claim that Israel won, but in Israel, nobody claims it, and they recognize that they have suffered a failure, that they were defeated and crushed, etc. And you remember that they organized an Investigation Commission [Winograd], and since then, they discovered that something was over, that in the July War (2006), something new had entered the equation, namely strikes against the home front of the enemy entity which could now be targeted and hit.
Previously the Israeli home front was always – or at least most of the time – preserved from wars: Israeli wars were taking place (exclusively) in our territories. But during the July War (2006), and after it, of course, during the wars in Gaza, Israel has discovered that this was not the case anymore, and that the war was going on inside enemy territory, the Palestinian territory occupied by the enemy.
Israel has been forced to conduct manoeuvres on the home front: when missiles fall on Haifa, Tel Aviv, on the North, the Centre and the South, how is it supposed to deal with populations? How it will operate its hospitals, roads, schools, commercial activities, airports, ports, etc? So these manoeuvres were done on the home front to prepare for the situation.
On the occasion of these manoeuvres – of course, they do so each year, with the exception of last year, but this year they led them; maybe they did not do so last year due to differences in the budget. So they conducted these manoeuvres for this year.

On the occasion of these manoeuvres, a number of Israeli military and political leaders made statements and expressed threats against Lebanon. They threatened to destroy it, to devastate it, to create a mass of refugees… Someone talked of pushing 1.5 million people to evacuate. 1 million Lebanese would be forced to leave their region.
For this first point, I want to comment on these statements.
First, they are part of the psychological warfare. This is part of the boastfulness and psychological warfare which we have been accustomed to since the establishment of this enemy entity. Since before 1948, and since 1948, among the weapons of the enemy that enabled it to defeat the Arab armies and peoples of the region, there has always been this psychological warfare, bluster, and boasting. It’s a part of it and the same old thing, so first, there is nothing new there.
Second, Israel declares that it is about to destroy, devastate, ruin, accomplish such and such things in the field, evacuate people by hundreds of thousands or 1.5 million… What is new in this? Since this entity was established, it has been based on killings, destruction, displacement, devastation, massacres… Such is its nature, its identity. Israel is only repeating itself.
Of course, it is positive that it would remind the Lebanese and peoples of the region: “O people, there is an enemy called Israel and whose nature is that nature (criminal) which they do not try to change, they do not even try to represent something else. Such is the aggressive and terrorist nature they describe themselves through these statements.”
Third, I now declare myself to the Israelis: You know well that the world has changed… Things are not as they were before. And we can give as proof your manoeuvres themselves, why have you been doing manoeuvres on the home front since the July War (2006)? Because you found out that you are an army that has been defeated, an army that can be defeated, that when your entity attacks, we will retaliate by striking at the heart and to the ends of its territory. And it is in relation to this new situation you lead these manoeuvres. Do you come to threaten us even while you’re doing manoeuvres on your home front that constitute a complete and unquestionable admission that the Resistance can hit all those places where you lead these manoeuvres on your home front?!
Fourth, the time has passed… – not just from today, but since 2000 and 2006 and also during the wars in Gaza. The time when Israel destroyed our homes while their houses remain intact is over. The time when our infrastructure was destroyed while their infrastructure remained intact is over. The time when our people became refugees while their settlers remain in the settlements and usurped towns has passed. Those days are gone. Since 2006, it has been over.
But what awaits you today is much worse than what you experienced in 2006, on this level and at other levels also. And I say very clearly to those Israelis: If you threaten to force the evacuation of 1.5 million Lebanese, the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon is threatening to force the evacuation of millions of Israelis. Millions of Israelis will be forced to evacuate their homes and flee if war is imposed on Lebanon. [Audience: At Thy service, O Nasrallah!] It is an obvious reality, incontestable, as the enemy leaders know very well. And the enemy people know it all too well.
This is why all these empty words, all these empty threats have absolutely no impact, no bearing. You know very well that we do not fear your wars, then what about your threats? And if by chance you consider that we are busy in Syria, in the Qalamoun, around Ersal and other places, if you think all this can change anything in regards to combat with the Israeli enemy, know that we have stated on more than one occasion that this changes nothing. And on the contrary, it (our successes and experience) should frighten and worry you.
In any case, I declare to the Lebanese and the Lebanese people: Do not pay attention to these threats, and I know they have no effect on your will and determination, neither at close range, or from far away. They are only a part of this boasting which is a sign of concern and fear from the enemy, and a part of its weapons of deterrence that they use to confront the Resistance which it dreads and fears, as they are convinced of its ability, much more than some people (among the Lebanese and the Arab-Muslim).
And that was in regard to the first point.