Speech by Hezbollah Secretary General Sayed Hassan Nasrallah on March 22, 2023, mourning the death of Hajj Hussein al-Shami, a cadre of the ‘Party of God’.

Source: video.moqawama.org

Translation: resistancenews.org

Note: This speech refers to an incident that occurred on March 15, and not to the rocket attack against Israel from Lebanon on April 6, but it allows us to understand Hezbollah’s “tactical silence” in such occasions, as they did not comment on either incident.

[…] I would like to say a few words about the incident in the North of occupied Palestine. Everyone has noticed that last week an incident occurred that caused great confusion among the enemy at all levels [on March 15, a man carrying explosives infiltrated Israel from Lebanon, traveled dozens of kilometers and placed a bomb on a road; only after detonating it as a car passed by was he detected and shot by the occupation forces]. Many analyses have been made. For my part, I will not analyze the incident, reveal details or apportion blame, but I want to focus on two points.

The first point is that many people have commented on Hezbollah’s silence, pointing out that Hezbollah did not say anything about it, and did not make any statement or comment. Hezbollah did not say that he was involved, and he did not deny that he wasn’t involved. He did not say whether he had any information, for example, that this mujahid and resistance fighter who found martyrdom had come from occupied Palestine or had entered it from Lebanon. Our silence has caused a lot of ink to flow. The truth is that Hezbollah’s silence is part of the way it leads the battle. This silence emanates from wisdom, and it leaves the enemy in great confusion. Why should we solve the enemy’s problems? The enemy is lost, stunned, baffled, he does not understand anything, he cannot tell the head from the tail (as to this whole incident), and Hezbollah, if for some reason we had data or information (about the incident), why should we issue a statement to explain to the enemy what happened (and bring him out of his confusion)? Is it so that we would not be accused, or to defend ourselves? Are we afraid that we need to defend ourselves? Are we afraid of the accusations? Certainly not. Thus, silence in this regard is part of the political, media, psychological and military battle against this enemy. So let him go and do his investigation and take all the time necessary for that, let him investigate whether this fighter came from Lebanon or not, and if he came from Lebanon, how did he manage to enter (into occupied Palestine undetected), who sent him from Lebanon, etc. And when he comes to conclusions, let him act upon them. This is the first point. From now on, though it was already the case for a long time, (everyone should understand) that Hezbollah does not have to comment on everything that happens, not at all. Sometimes, our comment is precisely the absence of comment. This is part of the battle, part of our way of waging the media and psychological battle.

The second point concerns Israeli threats. The Israeli War Minister approached the border… Of course, there is no doubt that what happened in the north caused a real shake-up in Israel, something major happened. Regardless of (the target and) the result of the direct physical operation (which I will not comment on), its consequences and implications (are major). So the Israeli War Minister came to rant, threaten, swear, saying that “If it turns out that Hezbollah is involved…”, “If it turns out this…”, “If it turns out that…”, all being stated in the conditional of course, then Israel will do this and that, etc. Today, I want to answer them this: your threats, you can smoke them in your pipe. Do what you want. The Israelis know well, and they have said it: they have said something that is a very accurate assessment, that if Hezbollah is involved in this operation, and if it is Hezbollah that sent this resistance fighter and led this operation, it means that Hezbollah is not afraid of confrontation, and that it is ready for confrontation. If this is the case, then all these threats are vain and do not change anything.

Anyway, O my brothers and sisters, today Israel… I want to say something in conclusion of this point: today Israel is overwhelmed and defeated, as we see, to a degree unprecedented in the history of this temporary usurping entity. Never has it been in such a state of helplessness, of weakness… I am not talking about such weakness that Israel will collapse tomorrow, no, I am talking in a relative and comparative way. Never has Israel been in such a state of weakness, of helplessness, of quagmire, of crisis, of confusion, of infighting, of despair and lack of confidence in each other, of lack of confidence in their future, as what is happening today within the entity. It is not us who say that they will not make it to 80 years, it is themselves who constantly express this fear! And it is possible that they will never reach 80 years. With the Grace of God, they will not reach 80 years. So we are talking about (a risk of disappearance in) the next few years (Israel is almost 75).

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Well, an entity that is entangled in such a quagmire, that has such political leaders, such infighting, such an army, such officers, such elites, such ministers… You remember that as soon as this government was formed, I said that it was a government of corrupt people, of madmen and extremists.

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For example, is it conceivable that anyone in his right mind, from the Israeli point of view, would want normalization of relations with the Arab world, and would want to present himself as a friendly country while the enemy would be Iran, etc., etc., [with] this Finance Minister [Betzalel Smotrich] who, unlike the (Internal Security Minister) Ben Gvir who is permanently hysterical, speaks in a cold manner, but with insane words, denying the existence of the Palestinian people? Is there anyone with a modicum of reason left in this government? They know nothing about history! They don’t even know their Old Testament! And he declares that there never was a Palestinian people. And before that, he declared that the village of Hawara with its men, women and children should be wiped out of the earth.


Anyway, all this is excellent because these imbeciles reveal the true face, the true nature of Israel and Israeli hypocrisy. What other Zionists hide, these people reveal. When fools of this caliber are at the head of this enemy (state), it means that the end (of the Zionist entity) is near. Today, this enemy, which is very cowardly and fearful, as you know, knows very well… And this equation was present during the delimitation of the maritime border. This enemy fears, indeed knows, that any aggression against Lebanon can lead to war. This must be present in everyone’s calculations. And secondly, a war against Lebanon can lead to a war in the whole region (and will not necessarily remain confined to Lebanon). And this is what Israel fears.

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What you threaten us with, (O Israel), may cause your end. What you threaten us with may cause your eradication. What you threaten us with may cause your demise before you reach 80 years old.

And in any case, I conclude this point by saying that the Lebanese Resistance (Hezbollah) stands by its promise, its decision and its oath: any Zionist aggression against Lebanon, whether it is of a military or security nature, whether it affects this or that region of Lebanon, and whoever it targets inside Lebanon, whether he is Lebanese, Palestinian or of any another nationality, the Resistance will respond to it with certainty and quickly. And this must be well understood in the Israeli calculations. […]

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