Speech by Hezbollah Secretary General Sayed Hassan Nasrallah on March 10, 2023, mourning the death of Hajj Assad Mahmoud Saghir, a cadre of the ‘Party of God’.

Source: video.moqawama.org

Translation: resistancenews.org

[… I will say a word about the Israeli-Palestinian issue, because it is our main battle since 1982; it was the case for others before 1982, but for us, the starting point is 1982. This is our main battle, our main battle since the founding of Hezbollah [in 1982 following the Israeli invasion of Lebanon]. Today, the Lebanese must also follow closely what is happening in (occupied) Palestine, because it obviously has an influence on our country. It impacts our country in every way. Whatever the analysis (of the situation) and the stance (of each and every one), it undoubtedly has an influence on Lebanon and on the region. I will speak about it briefly.

What is happening within the Israeli entity, in occupied Palestine, is historical and very important. I am not the one saying this. During this whole period, I read a lot [of reports from Israeli media & institutions], and it can be said that there is not a single former Israeli Prime Minister, not a single former Chief of Staff of the Israeli army, not a single former head of Mossad, not a single former head of Savak, who has not added his voice [to the observation that Israel is going through an unprecedented & dangerous crisis]. Likewise for intellectuals, historians, [a group of seven] Nobel Prize winners, prominent personalities, business leaders, the current President of the (Zionist) entity, former Presidents, former defense ministers and other ministers, etc., all expressed it unanimously, each in their own words, at least those who are opposed to the current government, although even members of the current government had similar words. For example, it has been said that if the entity continues on this path, it is not certain that it will reach 80 years [the State of Israel was created almost 75 years ago]. For they consider that the Jews had two entities [states with Jerusalem as their capital] in the past, the first entity in the time of the Prophets David and Solomon, peace be upon them, and they consider that it lasted less than 80 years before it disappeared, and the second entity in the time of the Romans, which also disappeared before reaching 80 years. And these fears are haunting them now. Of course, such fears also have a religious and cultural aspect. Who is it that keeps talking about these fears [that Israel will perish a third time before reaching 80 years of age]? It is not rabbis, but former Presidents, former Defense ministers, former Chiefs of staff, etc., who are all secular, but who recall this history and speak in these terms.

In a speech on February 16, 2023, Nasrallah said in this regard: “(Israeli leaders & elites) talk about the possibility of a civil war (among Jews): this prospect has been raised for several months, but now it is presented as an imminent risk. They speak of the spilling of blood (in inter-Israeli conflicts), and say that there is no solution to the current situation with the Netanyahu government except through a bloody struggle. Not long ago, the former head of the Israeli air force threatened to kill Netanyahu, and he was thrown in jail. They are talking about a major and imminent explosion. And who is making such statements? The President of the (Zionist) entity. It is not some journalist, but the current President of Israel. I will read you an excerpt from his statements in a moment. For the first time in the history of the (usurping) entity, organizations are being formed for a mass return to the places from which the Zionist invaders came, and in particular to the United States. We are talking about reverse migration. Everyone is talking about the 80-year milestone today: in their history, they say that they had two states, neither of which reached 80 years, and they fear that the same thing will happen with the current state of Israel. There is a lot of talk about the difficulty of holding an internal dialogue and reaching a compromise (within the different Israeli political forces). In Lebanon, we still talk to each other somewhat, but on their side, the dialogue is broken. I will just read you one statement, calling on you all to follow this issue closely. The current President of the entity Isaac Herzog said: ‘We are all concerned about the State of Israel. We are all committed to its preservation. The lack of dialogue is tearing us apart from within. And I say to you in all clarity: the powder keg is about to explode. This is an emergency situation, and the responsibility is on our shoulders. I see before my eyes our internal divisions that only deepen further, and I can only remember that twice in history, during the Kingdom of David and the Hachmonites, a Jewish state was formed in the Land of Israel, and collapsed twice before reaching 80 years.’ Many Israelis say such things, and never in its history had Israel experienced such an existential crisis. Never before has Israel experienced such a lack of confidence in the army, in the political leadership and in the justice system, nor such a magnitude of desertions from the army, refusals to serve in the fighting forces, etc. This is very important. This wolf that lurks on our borders, that has sunk its claws into the land of Palestine, and that is the greatest threat to the Middle East, the greatest cause of the lack of security and stability in our region, with the grace of God, it will not reach 80 years.”

When they talk about these historical experiences, what do they say? They say that internal divisions and conflicts [within the Jews] combined with an external factor [led to the end of the Jewish states]. There was an internal sedition at the time of the first destruction, and then Nebuchadnezzar came from Iraq and annihilated them [and exiled them to Babylon]. And the second time, an internal sedition took place and the Romans came and annihilated them. And today they say that the external element [force capable of annihilating Israel] is present, and they are right: this element is the Axis of Resistance [Iran, Syria, Iraq, Hezbollah, Yemen & Palestinian Resistance], and one of the things that causes us immense joy and pride is that the day will come when all this Axis of Resistance will launch the battle of the complete Liberation of Palestine, from the [Jordan] river to the [Mediterranean] sea. The external element is therefore present, and this is the cause of their problem with the Axis of Resistance [which represents an existential danger to Israel]. A few days ago, during an internal [Hezbollah] meeting, I said that what makes the current period exceptional is that there is an extremely capable and serious Axis in the Middle East, honest, sincere and ready for the greatest sacrifices, but not willing to make concessions or to submit. And its objective is clear: the Liberation of all Palestine, from the river to the sea, and the recovery of all Islamic and Christian holy places. So Israel sees that the external element is present, that internal seditions are present, and this reminds them of the history [of the end of the previous Jewish states].

Let me report to you the various statements made by Israeli officials. Some talk about the 80 years, and the fear that they will not reach 80 years. Others talk about the third destruction [of the temple], referring to the first destruction [of the Jewish state by] Nebuchadnezzar, and the second destruction [of the Jewish state by the Romans], and they fear that the third destruction is coming. By the way, one of the reasons for their fear of the East, namely Iran and Iraq, is [the Book of Daniel in the Old Testament which tells of the experience of] Nebuchadnezzar. And as I reported several years ago, I read many studies written by Jews and Israelis in the United States who were encouraging George Bush to destroy Iraq and the Iraqi army and the whole Iraqi society, with the hidden motive that this is where the third destruction will come from, as the first destruction came from. There is an ideological and religious background to this battle.

I come back to my point. So they are talking about the third destruction, blaming Netanyahu for leading Israel to the third destruction. I also read about the end of the Zionist dream. The Zionist dream is ending. Of course, this is the absolute truth. The internal situation among the Israelis is very difficult. One of the main reasons for these incessant US delegations [to Israel], be it the National Security Advisor, then the Secretary of State, the Chief of Staff and the Secretary of Defense [Lloyd Austin] who could not go to Tel Aviv [because of the anti-Netanyahu demonstrations and the fighting between the Palestinian resistance and the occupation forces] and held his meetings at the airport, all these people are coming for what? They come to try to take control of the situation within the Zionist entity [before it gets out of hand] and to try to close this huge gap in Israeli society that can lead to bloody clashes [between Israelis]. Yesterday we saw the violence with which the Israeli police suppressed the anti-Netanyahu [Israeli] demonstrators: no surprise, because this is their nature. This is their true nature. So the Americans are intervening forcefully first to try to calm internal tensions, and second to try to convince this stupid government not to go to an open confrontation against the Palestinians. And maybe he’s also talking to them about [calming the game] in the Middle East [Israeli threats against Iran, etc.]. In any case, we have to follow all this closely. This situation gives us great hope.

The point I want to make in this regard is that the (critical) situation in which the Zionist entity finds itself today is not rooted in internal conflicts among Israelis, but in the Resistance throughout the Middle East. For 75 years, the Palestinian people have resisted and endured, and rejected the occupation both from inside occupied Palestine and outside. Similarly, the Palestinian resistance, the Lebanese resistance, the resilience of Syria, the Axis of Resistance that has been created, with the Islamic Republic of Iran at the heart of this movement, the development of the Axis of Resistance in the region, the Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon in 2000 followed by the defeat in 2006, the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza, etc. All in all, as we have said over and over again, the Greater Israel project has failed, and the Mighty Israel project has failed. All this has led to the current situation, namely that there is no longer any trust (among Israelis) in the army, in the political forces, or in the military leadership. Not to mention the rampant corruption, the disappearance of Israel’s historical (founding) leaders, the lack of security and stability, the lack of guarantees for the future, the concern that the international (Western) forces that have always defended Israel are no longer able to protect it, etc. On what was this entity founded? On security and the promise of security (to Jews from all over the world). Israel was founded on that. But the experience of normalization [with Arab countries] did not protect it. The American plan to occupy the Middle East through direct invasions launched in 2001 failed. The Arab Spring plan has failed. The normalization of Israel’s relations with Arab countries has failed to protect the Zionist entity. You can normalize your relations with all the Arab countries, but will it protect you from those 13, 14, 15 or 20-year-old Palestinians [who constantly launch individual resistance operations against the army and the settlers, who are totally powerless to deal with them] in Al-Quds (Jerusalem), in Tel Aviv and in the rest of occupied Palestine? This does not protect Israel.

When Israel sees the earth shaking under its feet, with all the experiences [of American-Israeli defeats] that I have just recalled, the Israelis will start to realize that they are in the wrong place. This is the important change. The important new thing in the (temporary usurping) entity is that there is now a culture… Think back to the way the Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon happened: there was an awareness, a transformation of minds. The Israelis were protesting that their presence in Lebanon had become a burden, that they were taking heavy losses, that there was no horizon or future (to this occupation), that the army was getting their children killed there for nothing, etc., etc. This popular atmosphere put pressure on the government, which finally withdrew from Lebanon. The military, on the other hand, did not want to withdraw. It started, remember, with the four mothers [of Israeli soldiers serving in Lebanon who created a movement that became massive for the withdrawal of Israeli forces].

Today, when the settlers — the entire so-called “Israeli people” are settlers, not just those in the West Bank : any Israeli who is in occupied Palestine [whether the occupation dates from 1948, 1967 or later] is a settler, an occupier, an invader, wherever he is— when the settlers are finally persuaded, whether they are intellectuals, elites, experts, the military, the security services, politicians, entrepreneurs and the general population, that they will never be safe, that they are in the wrong place, and that they get in a hurry to obtain non-Israeli passports, it means that the end is near. I am not making guesses, I am describing facts that are unfolding before our eyes.

That is why today, the actions of the Resistance that are taking place in the West Bank, whether they are characterized as acts of Resistance, revolution, Intifada or uprising, whatever you want to call them, but what is happening today in the West Bank and in some parts of the Palestinian lands occupied in 1948 is of great historical importance for the project of the Resistance and the path of the Resistance. And this is happening at a crucial time. And we see that the Palestinians are determined to continue their actions. And of course, if they continue their actions at a time of weakness, disarray and disintegration of the Israeli society, at a time of despair of the Israelis, it will only reinforce this awareness of the Israelis that they are in a country of insecurity, which has no prospect of security, and that neither normalization nor anything else will bring them security. “We just have to pack up and get out of here” (the settlers will say to themselves). This is what will shape the future of Palestine and the future of the region.

That is why for the Arab and Muslim peoples, for the countries of the region and for the Axis of Resistance, the priority today must be to ask themselves how they can help those resistant and fighting Palestinians who, at a fateful and historic moment, are pushing this entity to the edge of the abyss. This is the greatest responsibility we all have today. How can we help them concretely? This question is worthy of discussion, and it is not my purpose (to give specifi answers) this evening. But I wanted to make this appeal in commemoration of the death of a leader who was fully committed to this battle. […]


Speech by Hezbollah Secretary General Sayed Hassan Nasrallah on March 6, 2023, during the celebration of the Day of the Wounded which honors the wounded and prisoners of the Resistance.

Translation: resistancenews.org

[…] On this day celebrating the release of our (Lebanese) prisoners from Israeli jails, it is good to recall the true promise of the Resistance never to leave our prisoners in the hands of the enemy. We have never left our prisoners in the hands of the enemy [in 2006, Hezbollah captured 2 Israeli soldiers and killed 8 others in order to free the Lebanese prisoners who were still in Israeli jails]. Certainly, we still have missing persons whose fate is unclear, whose traces we have not found, whether in southern Lebanon in our struggle against Israel, or in Syria against the takfiris terrorist groups. We have not been able to find their bodies, nor to ascertain their fate: are they dead or prisoners? We have not abandoned them and we will never abandon them. In any case, our wounded and our prisoners represent the sacrifices made for our cause, and it is through sacrifices that victories have been shaped.

On the subject of prisoners, let me turn to our dear Palestinian people, and especially to the prisoners and their families, to say this: we, the Lebanese, are among the peoples who most understand your pain, your suffering and what you endure, whether the prisoners in the jails or their families who live permanently in anxiety, expectation and impatience to be reunited with their loved ones. This is one of the consequences of the Resistance. Of course, all the peoples of our region and our Arab-Muslim Community must stand with the Palestinian people in their Resistance and Intifada, as well as with the cause of the prisoners who are facing many oppressions, especially at this time, with the presence of this enemy government more extremist and cruel than ever.

This enemy is a stupid enemy, as we always say. When they move towards the decision to put the prisoners to death, it is a stupid decision. I see everything that is happening as signs of the imminent end of this entity. These are signs of the imminent end of this entity. This ignorant enemy thinks that by threatening Palestinians who carry out jihadist operations in occupied Palestine with execution if they are taken prisoner, he will dissuade them from launching these operations, but he is very much mistaken! It will only encourage them and increase their numbers! Some fighters hesitate to launch certain operations precisely because they are afraid of being taken prisoner (and spend decades in the hands of the enemy), but they are not at all afraid of death! I know this because we also experienced it in Lebanon. Some fighters are afraid of being taken prisoner, but if they have the certainty of martyrdom, they have no problem: they go to their deaths with determination and courage. This law, oh stupid Zionists, will only increase the faith, courage and boldness of the Palestinians to launch resistance operations! It will not frighten them at all. For in truth, what are you threatening them with? As Hajj Qassem Soleimani, who is a student of the school of jihad and martyrdom, used to say, when he was told that some people wanted to kill him, he replied, “Where are they? I am looking for them. I am looking day and night for my assassins (because I aspire to martyrdom on the Way of God).” This is about the intimate relationship with God the Most High and Exalted, and seeking His pleasure and meeting Him.

This Israeli measure is stupid. Of course, it is also contrary to humanity, because these are Resistance fighters who have the right on their side and are defending a just cause, the cause of Palestine and the Palestinian people. On every occasion, we must all express our solidarity and stand with the Palestinian prisoners, and ask ourselves what our responsibility is in this regard (what we can do to help them). I also declare to the Palestinian people that what you are going through today in the West Bank, Gaza and all the lands of occupied Palestine, in Hawara and elsewhere, in Nablus, Jenin, East Al-Quds (East Jerusalem) and its resistant neighborhoods, we understand your sufferings because we experienced them in our cities & villages, during the occupation, the resistance and the struggle (from 1982 to 2000).

Of course, we don’t need new proofs and examples of the Zionists’ bestiality when we talk about what happened in Hawara, the siege, the aggression, the assassinations, the burned houses and cars, or what the Palestinian people are going through lately, especially in the West Bank. But we mention them for the world that (allegedly) continues to look for evidence, to look for the truth, to look for pictures or a (clear) scene (in order to take a stance on the Palestine issue), and we say to him: this is the true face of the settlers, this is the true face of the Zionists. The importance of these people is that they clearly show their true (hideous and hateful) face. They have given up hypocrisy and dropped the mask, and this is very important. […]

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