Al-Mayadeen Report, February 29, 2020.

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Turkey officially speaks of several hundred victims, but these figures are grossly exaggerated; Reuters speaks of 48 dead, including 9 members of Hezbollah (30 others were reportedly injured). At this stage, no official figures have been released by the Syrian military or Hezbollah. But we can be sure that there will be hell to pay, and that Hezbollah will retaliate in kind.


Turkish strikes against the Aleppo and Idlib countryside have led to the martyrdom of several Syrian Army and Hezbollah soldiers. Our reporter has confirmed that Turkish drones launched several strikes against positions of the Syrian army and its allies, together with artillery fire. He added that the armed (terrorist) groups are trying to take advantage of Turkish shelling to gather their forces and storm the liberated areas around Aleppo.

Moreover, during the last hours, the number of Turkish soldiers killed (in Syria) rose to 36. In addition, the Turkish Ministry of Defense announced that a Turkish soldier was killed and two others injured due to shelling of the Syrian army in Idlib province. He said that the Syrian attacks targeted elements of the Turkish army, whose presence in Idlib was meant to achieve a cease-fire.

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