Speech by Hezbollah Secretary General Sayed Hassan Nasrallah on September 10, 2019, on the 10th day of the month of Muharram, commemorating the martyrdom of Imam Hussein in Karbala.

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For a full account of Imam Hussein’s martyrdom, see here.


[…] With regard to US sanctions, these oppressive economic sanctions, which we condemn and denounce, against the countries of the Resistance Axis, against the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Syrian Arab Republic, as well as against the Resistance movements in Palestine, Lebanon and Iraq, they constitute an US aggression, (not military but) via economic and financial pressures, and this because of a double failure: the failure of the wars of their Zionist entity against the Resistance in Lebanon and Palestine: all the wars of Israel have been unable to change the slightest word, the slightest letter about the positions of the Resistance in Palestine and Lebanon. And the second failure is that of the American proxy wars, via the takfiris armed terrorist groups in Lebanon, Syria and Iraq, and the failure of their policies against the Resistance states and movements, which have been placed since many years on the list of terrorist organizations and targeted by sanctions. We have already pointed out that there was nothing new between us and the United States. All this aims to serve the interests of Israel, the Zionist entity.

But when this aggression grows to reach other people than us in Lebanon, like banks that do not belong to Hezbollah and have no connection with us, rich people and traders, simply because of their religious or sectarian (Shiite) affiliation, or their political positions, this implies that we react differently. We in Hezbollah need to reconsider our choices on the issue and respond appropriately. We have said in the past that if we were the only targets of American oppression, we could endure it patiently and silently; but if this oppression extends to other people among our (Lebanese) people, then we must react differently. Similarly, the State and the (Lebanese) government must defend and protect the Lebanese, not rush, as some entities do, to comply with the American aspirations in this regard and to apply the sanctions they have imposed, or even to be more Catholic than the Pope. We reject and condemn this unacceptable attitude. This issue must be addressed because it places Lebanon and the Lebanese economy in the line of fire.

Regarding Israel, (we) Lebanese have foiled recent Israeli attempts to change the rules of engagement existing since 2006. The enemy always conducted numerous violations (of our airspace), hundreds each month and thousands every year, for the past 13 years. But ultimately, Israel used to respect certain red lines: no Lebanese region was subjected to shelling or air strikes, and there was no assassination attempts. These red lines were scrupulously respected by the enemy.

But the latest attack against the southern suburbs of Beirut, which saw two suicide drones sent to strike targets there, was a major assault. The official Lebanese position, at the political and popular levels, was very firm and very strong. Then came the response of the Resistance on the battlefield, from Lebanese territory, hitting inside occupied Palestine (anti-tank missiles fired against an Israeli armored vehicle) via the Lebanese-Palestinian border. And the second response came yesterday, when we shot down for the first time an Israeli drone over the village of Ramya. Despite all the intimidation and threats attempts, we confirm today the equations, and we strengthen our deterrence capacity to protect our country.

Everything that was done by the Israelis in recent days, for example the Israeli dummy soldiers (in their vehicles), this shows the weakness of the Israeli army. And when things have come to what they called “the deception operation”, in which they alledgedly staged the evacuation of soldiers with fake injuries that they carried on stretchers, covered in fake blood, and would thus have deceived Hezbollah (into believing that his goal was reached, to prevent him from launching new strikes). Let us imagine that you really tricked us: all that would prove is, in few words, that your renowned legendary and invincible army has turned into a Hollywood army, which makes movies for the cinema, because it became helpless on the ground, incapable, weak, fearful and cowardly, withdrawing from the border to a width of 5 to 7 kilometers (for fear of the promised response by Hezbollah).

O my brothers and sisters, one evidence of the strength of the Resistance is that in the past, the Israeli enemy always sought to establish Security Belts inside Lebanon. That’s what they did in 1978, imposing a Security Belt (of 10 kilometers). In 1982 Israel invaded (Lebanon), and in 1985 they imposed their famous Security Belt (inside Lebanon to a depth of 20 km). But for the first time in the history of the struggle between Lebanon and the Israeli enemy, Israel made a Security Belt inside (occupied) Palestine: from its border and up to a width of 5 to 7 km, Israel completely evacuated its positions, soldiers, patrols and tanks. Is this not a proof of our strength?

O Hollywood army, the lesson we draw from this experience, if indeed it is real (it remains to be proven true), is that the next time, you invite us not be content to hit one vehicle or one place, but several vehicles and several positions, so as not to be fooled by new Hollywood movies. (This comedy simulating injuries so that we’d stop hitting you) is a demonstration of weakness and helplessness (and not a sign of strength or intelligence).

[Audience: At your service, O Nasrallah!]

Regarding the fight against the Israeli enemy, I want to emphasize the following point: when I said that from now on, we would have no more red lines, this does not mean the abandonment of UN Resolution 1701. Some Lebanese are going too fast (and eagerly seize any opportunity to denounce Hezbollah). On the one hand, Israel does not comply with this Resolution, does not recognize it and constantly violates it. Right now as we speak, and while we are in the streets (to commemorate ‘Ashura), it is certain that there are Israeli violations in our skies in some areas of Lebanon. In this respect, so that no one gets anxious, fearful or wondering, I recall that Lebanon respects Resolution 1701, and that Hezbollah is part of Lebanon’s government that respects this Resolution.

That said on the one hand. But there’s another thing: if Israel attacks Lebanon, strikes Lebanon, violates the sovereignty of Lebanon, sends its attack drones against Lebanon… If there is any Israeli aggression against Lebanon, the Lebanese have the right to fight back, whether one considers the legal, humanitarian or religious aspects, whether we base ourselves on the Ministerial Declaration or on the verdict confirmed by the Lebanese High Council of Defense: the Lebanese have the right to defend themselves! We have the right to defend Lebanon, Lebanon’s sovereignty, dignity, honor, blood and property! And that is why it is better to ignore some inside groans, or the many external threats.

On this day of (the martyrdom of Imam) Hussein, I stress again the deterrence equation confirmed by the fighters of the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon, with their patience, their presence (on the battlefield) and their great jihad (struggle) in the last days, embraced by their people and their masses, and I declare that yes, if Lebanon is attacked in any way whatsoever, we will also respond to this aggression adequately and appropriately (to the type of aggression). And in defense of Lebanon, the Lebanese people, the Lebanese sovereignty, the security and dignity of Lebanon, we have absolutely no more red lines! That time has passed!

[Audience: At your service, O Nasrallah!]

Today, Lebanon commands respect to the world. I remind you that before our response, there is not a single country in the world among the countries involved in the region which has not contacted Lebanese officials. Lebanon imposes itself to the other countries. The United States contacted Lebanon, as well as France, Britain, Germany, the UN, Egypt… Many countries have contacted Lebanon, whether before the response of the Resistance or right after our strike. The Lebanese should know that today, they are strong. They are strong in the equations, and strong by their golden equation Army-People-Resistance. And when the US envoy comes to us, friend of Israel and concerned about the interests of Israel, wishing to negociate with our Presidents (of the Republic, Council of Ministers and Parliament) on the issues of oil, gas and the (land and sea) borders, the Lebanese should know that they are in a strong position and must behave accordingly. We are strong and able to protect our oil and gas resources and our land, sea and skies, with the Grace of God. Therefore, the Presidents and Lebanese leaders have a great responsibility in their hands, and must protect the rights of the Lebanese regarding the oil, gas, water, territory and borders.  […]

Regarding our general stance, the stance (that it is) essential (to express) on this day (commemorating Imam Hussein’s martyrdom), we, my brothers and sisters, as I said last night, and I repeat myself because the media did not cover this speech, which was essentially religious, but we must clarify and confirm this position today. 

We reject any project of war against Iran, because such a war would engulf the entire region, destroy States and peoples, and constitute a war against the entire Resistance Axis. It would aim to frustrate the last hopes to liberate Palestine and the holy places, and open the way, or so they think, to a complete hegemony of the United States and Israel in our countries and in our region.

On this day of Imam Hussein, on this day of ‘Ashura, we reiterate our position as a member of the Resistance Axis: we are not neutral, and we will never be neutral in the battle of good against evil, in the battle of Hussein against Yazid. And to those who think that if this war happens, it will cause the end of the Resistance Axis, I declare to them with all the strength, perseverance, truth, sincerity, determination and sacrifice of this (Resistance) Axis that this war would mean the end of Israel, and the end to the US hegemony and even presence in our region. 

This (Resistance) Axis, this camp, these military forces are led by His Eminence the Imam & Leader Sayyed Khamenei, God preserve him. We declare to the whole world from here, from Lebanon, that our Imam, our leader, our teacher, our dear Leader and the Imam Hussein of our time is His Eminence Grand Ayatollah the Imam Sayed Hussein Ali Khamenei, God preserve him, and that the Islamic Republic of Iran is the heart of this (Resistance) Axis, its essential pillar, its strongest support, its title, its banner, its power, its truth and its substance. 

And so we say to all those who strive to frighten us, to intimidate us, terrorize us or threaten us with war, sanctions and starvation, counting on the fact that we will eventually get out of this Axis and this equation, we say to them today, on the day of ‘Ashura, the day of Hussein, peace be upon him, that we are the sons and daughters of this Imam who stood up the 10th day of Muharram, and who announced his stance very clearly, not fearing the consequences, shouting to his enemies: ‘The usurper (Yazid) son of a usurper (Mu’awiya) has placed us with only one alternative, the sword or humiliation… ‘

[Audience: ‘But we will never accept humiliation!’ (We’d rather die !)]

To our master and Imam, Imam Khamenei, we declare: O our master, O our Imam, O our Hussein, we say to you the same thing that the followers of Imam Hussein told him during the 10th night of Muharram (the day before the massacre). “O our master, O our Imam, O our chief, if we knew that we were going to be killed, burnt (alive), and our ashes scattered in the wind, then resurrected, killed and burned, and our ashes scattered again, and if we had to suffer this torture a thousand times (we’d never abandon you O Hussein!)…” If the US and the Zionists make us suffer this torture a thousand times, ‘We will never abandon you O descendant of Imam Hussein (Imam Khamenei is a descendant the Prophet).’

[Audience: We will never abandon you O descendant of Imam Hussein!]

We tell you what was said by Hussein’s supporters to their Imam, peace be upon him, during the 10th night of Muharram: ‘Shall we stay alive after your martyrdom? Shall we stay alive after you?’ This was said by Hussein’s companions to their Imam: ‘Shall we stay alive after you? May God make our lives sour after you, O Hussein!’

[Audience: May God make our lives sour after you, O Hussein!]

Within this Axis, we experienced only victories, dignity, preservation of our existence, of our holy places and of our sovereignty. This (Resistance) Axis is the only hope of the oppressed, persecuted and dispossessed. As for those who rely on a helping hand and an awakening of the US, (these USA) that unconditionally support Israel, of the US or the West, which unconditionally supports Israel, the US and the West that pay attention to us only if we are strong and standing, threatening our enemies and drawing up our arms and weapons to protect our land, (they delude themselves). We do not count on them, nor on their lies, nor on their hypocrisy. We rely on our Axis, our strength, our people, our kith and kin, on the movements of the Resistance, on our jihad and our Husseinite soul by which we conclude every year during the last moments of the ‘Ashura day.

We renew our allegiance to Imam Hussein, and we respond to his call (for help), we greet him and confirm for the whole year to come, until the next 10th day (of Muharram), so that it remains alive in our minds, in our hearts, our culture, our customs, our behavior, our actions, our program, today, tomorrow and forever, ‘At Thy service, O Hussein!’

[Audience: ‘At Thy service, O Hussein!’]

Peace be upon you, O my lord, O Aba Abdillah (Hussein), and upon the souls which were annihilated with you. Receive from us the salutations of peace from God for eternity, as long as the night and the day remain. May God not make this visit my last one. (All together!) Peace be upon Hussein, upon Ali the son Hussein, upon the (other) children of Hussein, and upon the companions of Hussein.

May God reward your grief and your efforts.

And peace be upon you and God’s mercy and blessings. 

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