Speech by Hezbollah Secretary General, Sayed Hassan Nasrallah, on September 20, 2019, in tribute to the late Sheikh Hussein Qurani, Lebanese religious dignitary and founding member of Hezbollah.

Translation: resistancenews.org


[…] My final point concerns what happened in the region in the last few days, I mean the strikes of the Yemeni Army and (Resistance) Committees against Aramco’s oil facilities, for which their official spokesman clearly claimed responsibility in a press conference in which he explained everything. I will not be long about it, I have only two words to say.

There is no doubt that this is an event of great importance, which has clearly shaken the entire region, and had a major impact and repercussions worldwide. Indeed, this event also had international consequences.

Faced with this event, I want to emphasize a few points.

The first point is that, unfortunately, it appears clearly, whether at the level of the world opinion or of the interest of the media, the political & governmental attention or even at the UN level, that oil is infinitely more precious than the blood (of the Yemeni victims). Of course, this is not something new. We have said it in the past, and many people have said it in recent days, but I want to join all those who have said it. Oil is more precious than the blood (of the innocent).

It seems that there were no casualties in these strikes against Saudi oil installations. To my knowledge, the media reported no killing, no injuries. These are only oil installations. Iron and oil burned. There are material losses (but no human casualties). The whole world is moved and burst of indignation, with expressions of condemnations, marks of support (to Saudi Arabia), etc. While this happened after 5 years of war against Yemen.

During these 4 years and a few months, daily, including today, every day, the coalition aircraft, the US-Saudi-Emirati aggression are bombing the people of Yemen, their mosques, their schools, their hospitals, their houses, their markets, killing women and children in front of television cameras, so much that there is not the slightest doubt about it, but it does not bother anyone. This does not shake the region, nor the world, neither the United Nations, nor the US administration, nor the European countries, nor anyone. (The Martyrdom of Yemen) is considered as a normal and natural thing.

As it happened yesterday. A Palestinian woman was killed in cold blood at the Kalandia crossing point in occupied Palestine, but it is quite normal, nothing significant happened, people can walk by such events and look the other way. Even in the Arab world, many people did not even bother to condemn, denounce or even mention it in the news. For it is not oil (that got spilled). This is blood. Only blood.

That is my first point. This is a condemnation (of this shameful indifference).

Anyone who wants to express solidarity (with Saudi Arabia) can do so, whether in Lebanon or elsewhere. But we also ask that solidarity is expressed with the torn bodies and the blood of children, women and the Yemeni people, with the sick, the besieged, the thirsty, the hungry, the oppressed, killed and displaced in Yemen. We must stand in solidarity with them. We must be balanced O my brother. At the very least, oil and blood should be placed on the same level. Actuallt, it would be unfair (because blood is more precious than oil), but that would be enough (because right now, blood is deemed worthless).

The second point… Such is the world, the world of force, the world of money, the world of economy, in whose eyes the man, his blood, his dignity, his rights, his future, are not even on the list (of things that matter), and when they are on the list, they come last.

The second point I want to mention… In general, when I speak about Yemen, I end my speech being very outspoken against the Saud and the Saudi regime. But this time I will not be virulent, I’ll give good advice. This is not a new advice that I am about give, but after this event, (it is wise to repeat it).

What should the Saud do to protect their oil facilities? They begin to wonder if they’ll buy air defenses to the US, but they already have anti-air defenses, they have Patriot batteries. They might be going to South Korea to buy anti-aircraft defenses. Or maybe they’ll wise up, as President Putin suggested them, like the Iranians, and buy S-300, or like the Turks, and buy S-400. Putin said that.

But instead of ruining themselves in new air defense systems, which will not be easy for Saudi Arabia, because we speak of a very large country, with a very large surface, facing drones that have a very high maneuverability (unlike ballistic missiles). Maybe you will place your defenses and your missiles in this side, but the drones will make a detour and hit you on the right side, or on the left side, or will bypass you and strike you from behind. And there are also some missiles that are maneuverable (not ballistic). What can you do? Buy enough defense systems to cover all Saudi skies? How much would it cost you? The price is absolutely outrageous (even for you), and it would not solve your problem (as there would always be ways around).

The least expensive way for Saudi Arabia to protect its oil facilities, infrastructure, etc., and for the UAE, because it is clear that the spokesman of the Armed Forces Yemeni directly threatened the UAE as well… And in terms of the Emirates… Saudi Arabia can withstand a few hits, but the UAE would be incapable of bearing any strike! The advice I give to them both, is to make the least expensive choice, namely to end the war. This is the least expensive choice.

The way to protect the infrastructure of Saudi Arabia and the UAE is to end the war against the Yemeni people. Why is it cheaper? It eliminates the need to purchase new air defenses, and it allows you to end your daily war spending, huge for both Saudis and for Emirates, in the war against Yemen. Similarly, it would be a worthy choice, more noble, more honorable, that would preserve you from being humiliated again by the United States.

Do you know what we are witnessing? Do not blame me for the familiarity of the expression, but it is a new milking operation (of the Saudi cow). Trump sits, legs crossed, not angry at all (with what happens), speaking nonsense, (do not blame me for this Lebanese expression), he says one thing and its opposite, speaking sometimes about peace, sometimes about war, saying he does not want war, that (Iran) is responsible, that he has promised nothing, that he is committed to nothing, and that if the Saudis want help, they have to pay… They have to pay! It is a humiliation, a total humiliation.

Spare yourself the humiliation, save your money, get back on your feet, fix your infrastructure, and restore your internal situation and your national security. This is the only equation : the only path that will lead you to these objectives is to stop this unjust war against Yemen and against the Yemeni people. And leave Yemen and the Yemeni people alone. Let them hold a dialogue, sit, talk. They can achieve a result.

As for all of your other attempts, such as calling for help the United States, Britain, your international coalition, this will only lead you to more chaos and destruction. And you know that the (Resistance) Axis in front of you is very powerful. Very powerful. And what happened in your oil facilities is one of the signs and an evidence of the power of our (Resistance) Axis, of the courage of this Axis, and of the fact that the men who defend Yemen are ready to go far, very far away in self-defense.

If you want to learn from this experience, I have just exposed you the way. As for the current incitement of the US or the West against Iran, claiming to come to wage war against Iran (for your eyes), it won’t change a thing. You have to stop hoping that.

Trump was clear: Trump wants money, and he does not want war. Trump soon willl face elections. On whom do you rely?

If I can take two more minutes. You place your hopes in an incompetent administration. God willing, another time, our brothers will prepare a detailed study of all the failures of the Trump administration: the failure of the Trump policy in Venezuela, who overcame (threats), while it was about a military coup, war against Venezuela, sanctions, civil war, siege… But Venezuela (victoriously) overcame the crisis. Failure in Venezuela, failure in North Korea, failed attempts at economic subjugation of China, failure in Syria, failure in Iraq, failure of the Deal of the Century, as this deal is doomed to failure…

And if Netanyahu falls, which is possible, but I will not make predictions… Our brother Zarif (Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs) speaks of the B list: the first B, Bolton left. And maybe the second B, Binyamin Netanyahu, is on hiw way out. The Deal of the Century failed. And also, the failure with Iran. Failure to submit Iran, to push it to surrender.

Today, Trump begs the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, His Eminence Sheikh Rouhani, to kindly meet him! He literally begs him! This is the Trump on whom you place your hopes! And I repeat that Iran is so powerful that all the barking, cries of outrage, screams, threats, intimidation and accusations you have uttered in recent days did not shake a single hair of the lesser officials in Iran. This does not scare them or terrorize them at all because they are strong, united and attached (to their rights) present (where necessary), perfectionists in all their actions and equations, etc., etc., etc.

Therefore, my advice today, because I do not want to be virulent or anything, my advice is to reconsider things, to think carefully. It is futile to bet on a war against Iran, because it would destroy you.

Continuing the war against Yemen is a dead end. This is an absurd war, and you started paying the price. A single strike destroyed half of Saudi production. The second strike will annihilate you. This is the situation.

Your houses are made of glass, and your economy is made of glass. You have a glass economy, just like the glass cities of the Emirates. Those whose homes are glass, whose economy is glass and whose cities are glass must remain calm, be reasonable and end the war. It is wiser and more recommended for them, and more merciful to everyone and all the oppressed.

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