Translated from French by Jenny Bright 
Condolences and solidarity with all victims of terrorist barbarism, whatever their nationality (a life is a life, even if we naturally feel closer to our fellow citizens), whatever its face, for 13 years (invasion of Iraq) and even longer and not only since the 13th of November: Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Palestine, Libya, Nigeria, etc., etc., up to Beirut and Paris, the innocent dead count in the hundreds of thousands and even millions.
Condemnation of all terrorists, all their allies, all their supporters, particularly governments, against which a “merciless” justice needs indeed to be exercised (without forgetting their apologist media): USA, UK, Israel, France, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar… Let us recall that Laurent Fabius said about Al-Nosra, a branch of Al Qaeda, that theydo a good job in Syria”, and that François Hollande acknowledged arming the “moderate cutthroats” of the anti-Assad opposition. These attacks are the direct, predictable and long-foreseen consequence of their irresponsible, criminal and stateless policy which has followed the footsteps of Nicolas Sarkozy in Libya.
Reject of any confusion: these attacks are not the result of Islam or even of “Islamism” but of Wahhabism, a fanatical and heretical doctrine, that the Islamic world ostracized and imprisoned the precursor of, Ibn Taymiyya, but which the West installed in Saudi Arabia to control the Middle East and its resources, permitting it to root deeply and be exported. Muslims constitute more than 90% of the victims of this destructive ideology, which the “democratist” and “republicanist” bombs of the US have opened the way for since 2003.
Support to the states authentically fighting the terrorism of Daesh and others: the Syrian Arab Army, Hezbollah, Iran, Russia, Iraqi forces, Yemeni army and resistance, Palestinian resistance, etc., whom it is appropriate to honour, as they fight for their liberty and their security but also for our own.
Necessary reminder, unfortunately, in our post-9th January France which can only become more schizophrenic and liberticidal: “Je ne suis pas Charlie” (I am not Charlie).
Sayed Hasan (Paris)
 Don’t get cross buddy Hollande, it’s only “friendly fire”.