Leading academic writing exclusively for Byline on Israel-Palestine, the new antisemitism, and more.
Note from Byline: Norman Finkelstein’s essay on Amnesty International will be published from 8th of July in 14 approximately 1,200-word installments twice every week over a 50 day period.
Update from Dr Norman Finkelstein: The names of all contributors to this fundraising project who wish to be acknowledged will appear on the plaque.
For three decades Norman Finkelstein has been a leading researcher of the Israel-Palestine conflict. His highly documented analyses have sought to expose what he sees as apologetics for Israel’s ‘atrocities’ in the Palestinian territories, while pointing the way to a just and lasting peace.
If he raises $100,000 in the next two months, Finkelstein will continue his column for a full year. Every cent of his proceeds from the Byline column will be donated to fund desperately needed medical equipment in Gaza’s Al-Awda hospital.
“The staff at Al Awda hospital welcomes the initiative that Professor Norman Finkelstein will launch in collaboration with Byline, as it is vitally important for ensuring the continuation of health services for the poorest and most disadvantaged in the Gaza strip.”  Dr Tayseer Sultan, Union of Health Work Committees (UHWC) at Al Awda Hospital, Gaza

Al Awda Hospital, Photo Credit: OXFAM
Read more about Al Awda Hopsital at the Oxfam blog here
Here is the original letter to potential supporters of this Byline project from Dr Tayseer Sultan, Union of Health Work Committees (UHWC) at Al Awda Hospital, Gaza.
My name is Norm Finkelstein. I write and speak primarily on the Israel-Palestine conflict, but also on other related topics such as anti-Semitism and the Nazi holocaust. 
If I am able to raise $100,000 in the next two months, I will commit myself to writing a fortnightly Byline column for a full year. All the monies I raise will be used to purchase medical equipment for al-Awda hospital in Gaza, which was severely damaged during Israel’s brutal assault in 2014. I hope to place a plaque in the hospital in memory of my beloved parents:
Zacharias and Maryla Husyt Finkelstein —
Survivors of the Warsaw Ghetto,
Maijdanek and Auschwitz Death Camps
I am very excited by the prospect of writing regularly for Byline. I have never enjoyed access to mainstream or even “progressive” media. It will be my first opportunity to reach and influence a broad audience. I have already prepared three articles
• on the “new anti-Semitism” (I argue it’s concocted by Israel to stifle criticism of its criminal policies)
• on the betrayal of human rights organizations (I expose Amnesty International’s apologetics for Israel in its recent reports on Gaza)
• on the meaning of academic freedom (I reveal, for the first time, the sordid details of my tenure-denial case). 
I also hope to comment on breaking news. There’s a fair chance that the UN Security Council will soon table a resolution that fatally compromises Palestinian rights, and that Israel will attack Lebanon this coming summer. I want to use my column to alert and guide readers as these ominous developments unfold.
Ours is a mutual, and mutually exhilarating, challenge: if you help me provide hospital equipment for Gaza, I’ll do my best to keep you informed. 
Let’s do it!
Norm Finkelstein