A Hezbollah combatant was killed in the Israeli attack on Damascus. Israel expects a response.

Sources: Al-Mayadeen Web, July 21, 2020, and Al-Mayadeen TV, July 22, 2020

Translation: resistancenews.org

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After Hezbollah announced the death of one of its fighters in the Israeli attack on Damascus on Monday evening, Israeli media reported “fear and vigilance in Israel” over Hezbollah’s expected response at the Lebanese-Palestinian border.

On Tuesday, July 21, Hezbollah announced the martyrdom of Ali Kamel Mohsen, who found martyrdom during the Israeli assault on the outskirts of Damascus airport on Monday evening.

Martyr Ali Kamal Mohsein

Israeli media reported the “fear prevailing in Israel over the expected Hezbollah response, which announced that one of its members was killed in yesterday’s attack on Syria.”

Roi Kais, commentator on Arab affairs for the Israeli channel Kan, said in a tweet that Hezbollah’s announcement of the martyrdom of one of its members “certainly changes the picture.”

Kais added: “Here we have to remind of Hassan Nasrallah’s equation: Any member of Hezbollah killed in Israeli attacks on Syria will be avenged by a retaliatory response at the Lebanese border.”

For his part, commentator and strategic issues analyst Yoni Ben-Menachem spoke on Twitter about “the vigilance in the Israeli security establishment for fear of a response from Hezbollah on the northern border.”

It should be noted that regional sources have today denied to Al-Mayadeen the information that an Iranian officer was killed as a result of the Israeli aggression in Damascus’ outskirts.

A Syrian military source stated on Monday evening that 7 soldiers were injured, reporting as well material damage as a result of the assault.

Syrian air defense systems intercepted the majority of missiles fired by Israeli planes against southern Damascus from the occupied Golan.

UPDATE: On July 23, Al-Mayadeen announced that Israeli army drills planned at the Lebanese border have been canceled, and that one Israeli soldier died and another was injured when their vehicle overturned in the occupied Shebaa farms (confirmed by Times of Israel): even before the Hezbollah missiles which will not be long in coming—, fear is enough to avenge their martyr!


Reminder: the previous Hezbollah retaliations following similar incidents

Destruction of 3 Israeli armored vehicles on January 28, 2015, following an Israeli strike that killed 6 Hezbollah members in Quneitra

The equation announced by Nasrallah in his speech of January 30, 2015


The retreat of Israeli soldiers —replaced by wooden dummies— across the border with Lebanon following the assassination of two Hezbollah operatives in Damascus in August 2019

Hezbollah strike on Israeli armored personnel carrier after the killing of two of  its operatives in Damascus

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