Speech by Hezbollah Secretary General Sayed Hassan Nasrallah on April 22, 2019, on the anniversary of the birth of Imam al-Mahdi and the 34th anniversary of Imam al-Mahdi’s Scout Foundation.


[…] The last point I want to mention before concluding is that a few hours ago, [Mike] Pompeo gave a speech, and I want to introduce my last point today with his statements. He said… You know that there are US sanctions against Iran on oil exports. The US granted exemptions to a number of countries, I think eight of them, like Japan, [China, India, Turkey, South Korea, Greece, Italy and Taiwan.] And it was expected that on May 2nd or 3rd, these exemptions would be extended or canceled, which would mean that the United States would impose sanctions against Iran prohibiting any country in the world from buying Iranian oil.

Today, Pompeo announced that the exemptions would not be extended, and that they’d enforce this decision from May 2nd or 3rd. He was asked about… Of course, he talked about Iran, terrorism, Resistance movements, Hezbollah, claiming that Hezbollah could not pay the salaries (of its members and fighters), which (if true) would prove the effectiveness of their sanctions against us… This is what he said today. See how much Mr. Pompeo is concerned about our livelihoods (by claiming that we are penniless)…

He was asked: “But some countries need Iranian oil. If they do not respect this ban, what will you do?” He said that they would impose sanctions on any country that does not respect this ban, and that these countries would pay a (huge) price for their position. That is all. 

There is a problem with the US decision, because if they stop the Iranian oil exports, this means that the amount of oil that flows worldwide will decrease, and therefore the prices will soar. An oil price rising would be bad for US markets. And in the past days and weeks, the price of oil has increased. It is one of the challenges awaiting the Trump decision. In the US, both in Congress and in the press, this issue was raised. “What are you doing? You prevent Iran from exporting oil, you prevent Venezuela from exporting its oil, and this will lead ultimately to a decline in supply with maintenance of the demand, and therefore a rise in oil prices. This will have a negative impact on US markets.”

Trump replied this –and Pompeo also reiterated the same thing today, and I want to quote him because we must talk about that, however briefly– : “Saudi Arabia and the UAE have categorically assured us that they will compensate for the reduced supply of oil and maintain the price of oil, preventing any rise or harm to the US markets.”

First, it is another example of what the United States really are… Perhaps you saw how (arrogantly) Pompeo spoke in Washington. This is another example of the American condescension, morgue, arrogance, despotism, hubris and aggression, first against a large and important country (Iran), and a people of more than 80 million inhabitants, but it is actually an attack against the whole world. Because this American decision displays sovereign contempt towards, and even shatters international organizations, the international community, the UN, the Security Council, and even the main allies of the United States and their interests. This is an exemplary manifestation of condescension, arrogance and contempt.

Why is Iran under sanctions? Under the pretext of its alleged support for terrorism. Why is Venezuela subject to sanctions? Allegedly, something would have happened during the elections. Trump imposes sanctions on Iran, on Venezuela, and he wants to do the same in Syria, and now they are preparing sanctions and a blockade against Syria. That is to say that what they have failed to realize and get militarily, they want to achieve it by starving the Syrian people, using blockade and sanctions. This is indeed the usual processes of the Great Satan, the arrogant USA.

They impose sanctions against Russia, sanctions against China… And they now say that anyone who does not respect the oil sanctions against Iran will himself be subject to sanctions. Where is the international community? Where are the international organizations? Where are the UN resolutions? Where is international law? Where are the international conventions (UN Charter, WTO, etc.)? There is nothing left of it. Today, under the US administration, it is the law of the jungle.

Previous administrations, at least some of them, preserved (international law) if only at the level of appearances, they safeguarded appearances. The Security Council, the UN, international resolutions, etc., were preserved on the formal level. But Trump has absolutely no respect, even purely formal, for all this. 

At the time he wants to impose sanctions on others under the pretext of charges of supporting terrorism, he perpetrates himself acts of terrorism, supports terrorism and kills thousands of people, especially in recent years, in more than one country (Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan…). And he claims to impose his dictates in our region: (he gives) Al-Quds (Jerusalem) to Israel, the Golan Heights to Israel… And as I said some time ago, he is already beginning to prepare for the next stage, in which he will give the West Bank to Israel. What are we waiting (to react)?

Anyway, what I want to say in this regard, not just for Iran, but for all the peoples of the world; I’m not just talking (in defense) of Iran, but in the interest of all peoples of the world and all countries of the world. This world who remains silent about Trump’s politics, his actions, his aggression and arrogance against Iran and other countries, this world is (also) a potential (future) victim for Trump, and opens its own doors to the arrogant American interference. The countries and peoples who keep silent against such violations (of national sovereignty and of the principle of non-extraterritoriality of laws) also open their own door to the violation of their sovereignty by the United States.

This is what is happening here in Lebanon. Pompeo came with effrontery in Lebanon to incite the Lebanese against each other (and provoke a civil war). He did so brazenly and openly, because it is we who have opened the doors for him. That’s what awaits the world. This is the future of peoples. This is not an isolated decision. It is a global behavior, arrogant, despotic and satanic, (applicable to every country).

And that is why the peoples and States of the world –and we ourselves are affected by this–, we must all reject this condescending, arrogant and tyrannical American policy, whether against Iran or against anyone, against Palestine, against Yemen, etc. 

Isn’t it this same Trump who… The US Congress voted (to stop American support for the war in Yemen)… They finally realized (how criminal it is) at the beginning of the fifth year of war: it is not because they have opened their eyes just now, but because their interests have changed (with the failure of the US-Saudi war on Yemen). Congress called to end support for the Saud dynasty in the war against Yemen. But Trump decided he would continue the war against Yemen (and vetoed this decision). The very one who supports all the wars, all the destruction and wreaking havoc (everywhere). Today, in every place of our region where there are wars, there is Trump on the phone rekindling the flames of this war and pouring oil on the fire, as happened in Libya and elsewhere.

The governments and peoples (must oppose this imperialism). And if we despaired of governments, let us turn to the peoples and (current) generations. This tyrannical country, despotic, arrogant, full of contempt and arrogance, which respects neither international law nor international resolutions, nor international conventions, nor international organizations, must become in our culture the real and main enemy, our greatest enemy. Israel and the takfiri terrorists and murderers, and those who conduct wars, are only instruments of the American project, aggression and tyranny. 

The last point of my comment concerns the position of Saudi Arabia and the Emirates. Is it not shameful? Of course, Pompeo has unmasked them. He was just answering a question on rising oil prices. He said to the Americans: “Be reassured, (Saudi Arabia and UAE will compensate).” Neither Trump nor Pompeo care about the image or interests (of Saudi Arabia or the UAE). The very one (Trump) who told Gulf monarchs that without the US they would be overthrown in 2 weeks; that without the US, they would all speak Persian (because of Iranian hegemony in the region); that without the US, their planes would get off the ground but wouldn’t land (they would crash), etc., etc., he has no qualms about revealing a secret agreement with Saudi Arabia and the Emirates that they’ll compensate (the absence of Iranian oil by increased production). But in whose interest are Saudi Arabia and the Emirates acting? The interest of the causes of the Arab and Islamic Community? Or are they only helping to besiege and attack their neighbors (an economic blockade is an act of war)? 
I also want to say, with the permission of the Imam al-Mahdi Scouts (celebrated today) and the (State) educational organizations (present in the audience), but unfortunately this celebration coincides with these events to which I have to react, I want to say that even in the Arab and Islamic world, we must shed light on the true policy of these two States and (expose) their (negative) role in the Arab-Muslim world: their unjust and barbaric war in Yemen, sparing neither men nor stones; their occupation of Bahrain and what they have inflicted on this people; their interference (everywhere)… Today, if we look at the TV news, in Sudan, we see the interference of Saudi Arabia and the UAE; in Libya, we see the interference of Saudi Arabia and the UAE; in Algeria, we see the interference of Saudi Arabia and the UAE; in Yemen, we see the interference of Saudi Arabia and the Emirates. What are these two countries doing in our Arab and Muslim world? And even before that, when there was the Arab Spring and the Arab peoples (stood up), we still found the hand of Saudi Arabia and the UAE. What are these two countries doing? Where do they want to take our region and our world? These truths need to be said and repeated, and should be known to all.

We do not yet know who carried out the terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka. Let us hope that the perpetrators are not Muslims, because we have every reason to fear that some people are striving to foment a sectarian war there, a war of religions, between Christians and Muslims. It would be in the interest of Israel and of the Great Satans of the United States. 

Today, many of the massacres perpetrated in our region by ISIS and their like, what is their ideology? Wahhabism! These are Wahhabis! Their ideology comes from the official religious school in Saudi Arabia! This ideology that, as Mohammed Bin Salman himself confessed, after the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran in 1979, the United States asked Saudi Arabia to spread around the world to counter the influence of the Islam of Imam Khomeini, who brought solutions to the Muslim world, by propagating their Wahhabi ideology; and today we see the result (American hegemony, ISIS, chaos, etc.). And the United States and Saudi Arabia continue to support these terrorist groups.

Yesterday, an organization perpetrated an attack in Saudi Arabia, and it appeared that it is related to ISIS. Is it surprising? It was predictable that groups related to ISIS and Al Qaeda (founded by Saudi Arabia) would eventually attack them. This is an illustration of the (Arabic) proverb, which is verified through history, that “The one who makes a poison eventually drinks it.” Saudi Arabia is now contaminated with the very poison that it created and spread. You are now victim of the same ideas, the same thoughts and the same ideological, doctrinal, jurisprudential and legal principles that made you create ISIS at the first place, to kill all Muslims, Christians, followers of other religions and all people, and spare only those who belong to the Wahhabi current. But these are the same principles that make these people turn against you today, kill you, and brand you as apostates. What happened yesterday in Saudi Arabia confirms the adage of the poisoner who ends up himself poisoned. And of course, we should also mention (and expose) their role in the ‘Deal of the Century’ (supposed to liquidate the Palestinian cause), outside of what can happen during the meetings of the Arab League (i. e. behind the scenes), and the (pro-Palestinian) stagings meant to (dupe) the Arab peoples.

O my brothers and sisters, we belong to the history and people of this community and this region. For hundreds of years, our people have overcome all forms of occupation and aggression, all arrogant oppressors and occupiers; and today, just as it happened in the last decades, we place our hopes in you, in your will, in our people, in their conscience and their culture, in their determination, in their sincerity, in their honesty, in their patience, in their willingness to sacrifice. And first of all, we rely on their awakening and their conscience, and on their lucidity, which allow them to accurately identify the aggressors, arrogant and instruments at the service of the enemies of this Community, of this region and of the interests of the peoples of this region. We hope and trust in the future, in the categorical promise of God (to give victory to the rightful ones), and we have acted and will continue to do so, by our way, our jihad (struggle) and our patience, and also our shaping of (large) victories.

Again, I address all my brothers and sisters, and all those who are present and who listen to me, in this celebration of the birth of Imam Mahdi, peace be upon him, in this annual celebration of the creation of the Imam al-Mahdi Scouts, I send you my congratulations and my best wishes on this occasion, and I wish you the victory with God’s grace.

May the Peace of God be upon you and His mercy and His blessings.

[Audience: At your service, O Nasrallah!]

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