Speech by Hezbollah Secretary General Sayed Hassan Nasrallah about the offensive against terrorists in the Jurd Ersal, July 26, 2017

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[…] Finally, (my thanks and tributes) to those who sacrifice themselves (fighters). Here, you will have to allow me (to unburden myself) a little. During the July (2006) War, I controlled myself (not to express my feelings in my adresses to the combatants). Again, I made an effort to restrain myself before I start talking. Because I always speak with my heart, but now I will speak … [holds back tears] with different (deeper) feelings.

To those who sacrifice (themselves), all (those who sacrifice themselves). The martyrs, the souls of the martyrs, the families of martyrs, the injured, wounded families, the fighters (Mujahideen), the Resistance on the battlefield (Ersal) and on all the battlefields of the Resistance, of combat, sacrifice and loyalty. Not just those that are now present in the Jurd of Ersal. I address this speech to all [Hezbollah] Resistant and combatants in all places and on all battlefields.

I wondered what I was going to tell you as a speech, a few words addressed to everyone. I remembered that in ziyara (pious visit or greetings addressed by far) our Imams, the Imams of Ahl al Bayt, the family of the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, we say in this particular ziyara, to a place of ziyara we reach an excerpt where we say:

“Let my father, my mother and my soul be sacrificed for you, how can I express the excellence of the praise (that you deserve) and make the account of the beauty of your affliction? And it is through you that God took us out of humiliation, delivered us from the waves of torment and saved us from the precipice of the abyss of perdition.”

And you all, all of you … This speech is for the martyrs, the wounded, the fighters, the Resistance, any father, mother, wife or loved one to them. You are the heirs of those Imams. You are their loved ones, you are the ones who trod their path. In every woman among you, lies the soul of Zaynab, peace upon her, who said after Karbala “I only saw beauty (in this tragedy).”
In your men, there is the influence of Abbas who refused to drink water and declared on the banks of the Euphrates “O my soul, abandon me after the death of Hussein, because after it, it does not suit you to exist.”
And you have the soul of Aba Abdillah al-Husayn, peace be upon him, who, when the whole world besieged him, and put him in front of only one alternative, (to choose) between the sword and humiliation, he proclaimed his word for History and Resurrection “What execrable choices is humiliation! (Let us rather die a thousand deaths).”
Therefore, because you have these characteristics, let me declare to you:
“Let my father, my mother and my soul be sacrificed for you, how can I express the excellence of the praise (that you deserve)? Language is unable to (properly) sing your praise. How to do your eulogy? What words, what sentences, what eloquence, what customs, what poems could list and describe your status and position?
You are the chosen ones, the good, the noble, which have never been stingy of your blood, nor of your offspring, of your money of your patience, of your endurance, of your support. How can I make account of the beauty of your affliction? Your trials, the tests you had to endure since the beginning, this makes us about 40 years together, at least, such is the experience of Hezbollah. The beauty of your afflictions, your success in all these trials, all these difficulties.
And by you, God brought us out of humiliation. What we say to our Imams, I tell you. Yes, it is through you that God brought us out of humiliation, through your blood, your sacrifices, your martyrs, your wounded, your tears, your patience, your endurance, your influence, your nobility, your courage, God brought us out of humiliation, the humiliation of the occupation, through the Resistance. The humiliation of submission, the humiliation of weakness, the humiliation of fear, the humiliation of defeat, the humiliation of scorn and all humiliations.
And God saved us by you. He saved us (through you) the throes of tribulations, these torments. You, your children, your knights have dispelled these tribulations and torments from the faces of the people, which was threatened with occupation, and whose homeland and earth have almost been lost. Our people was threatened by takfirism, misfortunes, afflictions, humiliation, death, killing, capture and slavery (for his womenfolk). These are the biggest disaster, the greatest sorrows. But you, through you, God for us dispelled the throes of tribulations and saved us from the precipice of the abyss of destruction, and we have been preserved as well as our people, who lives in safety throughout the whole of the territory and the borders, in every village, every town, safe, totally safe, noble, dignified, confident, able to cope with all the difficulties and all the challenges and dangers. He fears no threats. Neither Trump nor Obama or Bush, if we go back, neither Netanyahu nor Sharon or [Chaim] Weizmann [1874-1952] or anyone. By you, thanks to you.
O those who sacrifice themselves, you honorable people, may God reward you for (your glorious efforts in the service of) your family, your people, your country and your (Islamic) community with the best reward and gifts in the next world, and may God protect you and make you victorious in this world, and give your faces the radiance (of purity) in this world and the next. And may God accept your actions. May God accept your actions.
We will continue to take on more responsibility, God willing, to win more victories and glory, safety and security, through mutual assistance and unity of all and everyone assuming his responsibilities.
Again, to all those who supported, assisted, helped and blessed, our thanks and our respect.
May the Peace of God be upon you and His mercy and His blessings.

Answer of the Hezbollah fighters in Ersal: