Speech of Abdel-Malik al-Houthi, head of the Yemeni resistance, July 10th, 2015, on the occasion of International Al-Quds (Jerusalem) Day, and the first day of the “truce” declared by the UN for the end of Ramadan
Translated from French by Jenny Bright
I seek refuge with God against the accursed Satan.
In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful.
Praise be to God, Lord of the Worlds, and I bear witness that there is no God but God, the One, the Sovereign, the Truth, the Evident and I attest that our Master Muhammad is His servant and His Messenger, the Seal of the Prophets, may Gods Blessings and Salutations be upon him and his family, the good, the pure, and may God be pleased of his chosen and faithful companions.
Dear Yemeni people, my brothers and sisters, may Gods peace be upon you and His mercy and His blessings, and peace and salutations be upon the oppressed Palestinian people.
On this grand and blessed day, our noble Yemeni people celebrates, with all men free and worthy of the world, this beloved and momentous occasion, the International Al-Quds (Jerusalem) Day. Today, our Yemeni people hastens to celebrate this very important occasion for them and for all men free and worthy of the world despite the seriousness of their situation because of the ruthless aggression waged against them by the forces of evil, crime and tyranny, the Trinity of Evil incarnated by the US, the Saudi regime and Israel. Despite the cruelty of the living conditions of the people, despite the horror of the events and the magnitude of the tragedy, despite all this aggression and all the tyranny, arrogance, greed and oppression, our great Yemeni people has not forgotten this major, principal and original cause, namely the Palestinian cause. On the contrary, this aggression which Israel is behind, and which is headed by the United States, and which is executed by the criminal Saudi regime, the devil’s horn, has increased the dedication and commitment of our great Yemeni people to this cause, as well as its commitment and confidence in this cause for which it is fully aware of its responsibility, and is conscious of its importance and everything it represents. Palestine, in all that it represents for our people, and the holy sites of Islam it contains, the Muslim people who are an integral part of the (Islamic) Community, and its Arab and Islamic territory which is a fundamental part of the Arab territories, the Islamic territories.
And that is why our Yemeni people, who also became aware that Israel – they had already realized it in a very profound way, but they are even more lucid today about the fact that Israel is a danger to the whole region, for all Muslims, for all of humanity. Israel is a threat to security and peace in the world. Our people are eager to celebrate this occasion with a strong sense of responsibility, in defense of their humanity, in defence of their values, in defence of their ethics, and they thereby demonstrate their high moral character. They carry this great richness in terms of values, principles and ethics, which no one can deprive them of whatever they strive to do, and whatever the gravity of the crimes and the extent of aggression they perpetrate. Our Yemeni people, 107 days after the attack that saw nothing as inviolable and tried to destroy all things in this country, from fully able men to, children, women, youths, the elderly, all the necessities of life and all public services. But our dear Yemeni people only gain insight and lucidity, firmness in their principles and in their commitment to their values ​​and ethics, and awareness of their responsibility.
And the Yemeni people also realize that all that happens, either through the aggression that targets the country directly and head-on, or through what is happening in our entire region in the various countries undergoing unprecedented events because of the takfiri perpetrators, which is a project that never stands out nor is ever separated, under any circumstances, of Israel, the service of Israel and the interests of Israel. Today, takfiris rule throughout the region, whether through the acts they perpetrated in our country via Daech/ISIS, AlQaeda and their sisters, and through what happens in the rest of the Arab countries, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and other countries. They work in conjunction with the Saudi regime, which represents the main core and founder of the spread of this movement and these criminal instruments, who created them : Saudi Arabia is their father and mother, their principal and main source for their financing, their movement, their strengthening, their supplies, their spread and the creation of the atmosphere and environment they need. There is no doubt that they do all this in the whole region, and that ultimately, this serves the interests of Israel and is profitable for it, and that Israel is the primary beneficiary of all this. And sure, it is the US and others who stand behind Israel. Thus, these truths reveal themselves increasingly obviously and clearly in the course of events. The events took such a turn that all that is exposed without the need for additions: everyone has seen enough to reach these conclusions, and all these truths are revealed without appeal and are unanimously agreed upon. Everything that happens, all they perpetrate in this area is clearly in the interests of Israel, and in many ways and in many aspects. One of these is to sink the (Islamic) Community into the swamps of conflicts, wars and seditions under many and varied slogans. And the result of all this is that Israel is left to one side, without any danger threatening it, without anyone bothering it, without anyone taking the time to think about it. All are busy and overwhelmed by what is attacking them, the dangers, challenges and problems they are faced with.
Then, with all these events, the close alliance and open cooperation between Israel and the Saudi regime emerged publicly, as the alliance between Israel and between takfiri groups. This was revealed clearly with what is happening in Syria. That’s why we can say that everything that happens in the region is in no way separate from Israel, but this is a new project behind which stands beyond doubt Israel and the United States. The targeting of peoples and countries in the region contributes to the attacking and sinking of them, and also to weakening, dividing and fragmenting them, which opens the way, ultimately, to direct, complete and final control of the Middle East.Therefore it is clear to everyone that the Saudi regime is playing a negative role in this veritable conspiracy, and in supplying, strengthening and spreading the takfiri groups, to which it provides an enabling environment, as well as full support provided to them in considerable proportions: financially, in the media and by all means – this harmful role represents a danger to the entire region, and will not be in the interests of any country in the region. This role hurts all Arabs in all Arab countries, all countries in the region, and serves directly and to a very large extent the interests of Israel.
And unfortunately, the Saudi regime is heading in this direction with all its colossal resources – because it is the richest of the Arab countries –, with all its vast economy and its enormous capabilities. But ultimately, this regime works to benefit others and harm its (Islamic) Community, the peoples of the region, without in any way worrying about it. It is only in the performance of such acts that the regime saw greatness for itself, instead of seeing its greatness in the fact of acting with all its capabilities in the sense of what could be honourable in term of values, law, justice and goodness, for the great causes of the Community, in whose defence he could act with passion. He could show this by taking the lead in the defense of the Palestinian cause, striving to support the Palestinian people, presenting himself as a great important regime, active and influential in the confrontation with Israel. That was the position that would have been honourable, as was the position that would have won it the Arab peoples and would have pushed them to unite around it, such was the position that would have given it great prestige among God and His Creation, and among the peoples of the region. But instead it chose to manifest itself as a large and prominent active force and represent Arabism and Islam by bringing Arabism, Arabs and Muslims under the Israeli boot and under US hegemony and in this it revealed its smallness. And every time it was engaged in this nefarious role whenever it redoubled persistence and zeal in its destructive, unjust and corrupt work, it found itself in decline and in a critical situation. It does not appear as large or powerful, and if this regime considers itself great and powerful in playing that role, being placed under American and Israeli flags, working in the direction of the Israeli project in the region, by lighting the fire of sedition here and there, if it sees this influence with a favourable eye, although it could have a different role, having an influential role in the defence of truth and goodness, by supporting the cause of peoples and by standing with them, instead of its influence in the sense of stirring up sedition, struggles and conflicts that saw it place itself as a protective shield at the forefront of protecting and defending Israel, diverting the peoples (from fighting against) Israel, with which it is publicly and openly allied.
It becomes clear that all the misleading slogans and specious justifications announced by this unjust, oppressive and blind regime are false and misleading, and do not have the slightest foundation. The issue is not that of the fight against Iranian influence, because all the problems of our region are not in any way related or caused by an alleged Iranian influence. All the danger in our region, all the evil in our region is Israel, and is only the extension of the Israeli threat. The takfiri danger is an extension of the Israeli danger and only serves the interests of Israel, helping to increase this danger. For example, when one considers what is happening in Egypt, is there an Iranian influence in Egypt? Of course not. Are the Egyptian government, Sissi himself, instruments of Iran, do they have a relationship with Iran? In no way. What is happening in Tunisia is a clear testimony and sufficient evidence, as well as what is happening in Libya. All that is said about the fight against Iranian influence is but an empty noise to confuse and conceal these truths. The real issue is the imposition of Israeli influence and American dominance in our region, under this banner and slogan (that of the struggle against Iran). For it is certain that if Iran changed its policy and was approaching Israel and the United States and was allied with Israel, the situation for him would be completely different and become again what it was at the time of Shah. At that time, its policy was quite different from what it became after the Islamic Revolution in Iran. It is common knowledge that the increasing manifestation of hostility against Israel and the increasingly firm awareness of the Arab peoples against the Israeli danger does not in any way reflect a distrust of Iranian influence.This is a humanitarian issue, a principled, ethical, moral and religious issue. Whatever standards and considerations that must animate us, it is a duty to engage (for Palestine and against Israel), primarily and foremost as Arabs. Iran defends a worthy, just, effective and principled policy in its support for the Palestinian cause in its investment alongside the Resistance in Palestine and Lebanon, and in its radical hostility to Israel. This is the just position, the position of principle, the effective position which must be imposed on all free men of the world in a primordial fashion, and not in alignment with Iran. When one of the Arab peoples awakens and becomes aware of its responsibility towards this cause as a cause that concerns us all, in every way, whether by religious, patriotic, or humanitarian responsibility, or in terms of morals and values, then, fundamentally, this in no way reflects the extension of this or that external influence. To pretend (the reality of the Iranian influence) is an attempt at delusion: the Saudi regime is trying to deceive the peoples of the region. He who manifests hostility to Israel, they describe him by saying that he is a (hostile) Iranian; one that provides full support for the Palestinian and Lebanese resistance in their struggle against Israel, they say he is Iranian. They thus try to deceive and silence everyone, and create a new balance in strategic causes in the region so that the normalisation of relations with Israel and cooperation with Israel becomes the heart of the Arab identity, so that it becomes a defence of the Arab national security. They want that the struggle against Israel and against Israeli rule, and that solidarity with the Palestinian people, the sense of responsibility towards the Al-Aqsa Mosque (in Jerusalem) and holy places in Palestine should become an Iranian cause, and they believe that whoever builds his policy in this direction must be targeted and accused by all as having wandered away from Arabism. Does Arabism mean collaborationism, humiliation, degeneration, surrender, submission to Israel? The assimilation to the regimes that collaborate with Israel? This distortion shall profit you nothing, absolutely nothing, for your cooperation with Israel is revealed for all to see. You have clearly become (Israeli), you the Saudi regime and takfiri instruments (Daech and Al Qaeda), your identity has emerged as Zionist and your allegiance is clearly to Israel.  Such is your situation, such is your case. You work to give other titles to conflicts and to bring in them the (Islamic) Community, to modify them and to disorient them from what they should be for all, namely hostility directed against Israel, as a compass, against Israel in the first place.
And it is true that the Israeli entity has effectively managed to push the Saudi regime to adopt this project and to be its spearhead, which then tries to push the rest of the (Arab) regimes and takfiri instruments in this direction, namely to target the peoples and drastically distance them from the fight against Israel, to transform the question of hostility to Israel, taking a stand against Israel, the stance towards the Palestinian cause, the holy places in Palestine, the land of Palestine and the Palestinian people into an Iranian question. And this while it should be first and foremost an Arab and obviously an Islamic issue, and a humanitarian issue for all free men of the world. They succeeded to a great extent in this regard. And the Israeli entity has managed to bring the Saudi regime to play this role as an essential role: the Saudi regime considers it to be its key role, its fundamental project to which it devotes all its abilities, all its resources, and implements them with all its might, with all that it is capable of. Similarly, the demonic Israeli hold on the Saudi regime has managed to cause this Saudi furious madness in its aggression against Yemen, this terror, this barbarity in the commission of the most atrocious and the most heinous crimes against the dignified, Muslim and Arabic Yemeni people. The demonic Israeli hold on the Saudi regime is reflected in what this regime is perpetrating, horrible and unspeakable crimes which are an affront to humanity itself, crimes that do not have an example in the region. And one can even say that Israel has succeeded in pushing the Saudi regime to do worse than it had done itself so that this regime appears in the global consciousness as the worst of all, the biggest, most heinous and the most atrocious criminal, the more tyrannical in its aggression. Israel has managed to do this, as it managed to push all takfiris in that direction..
And the Saudi regime continues its aggression against Yemen with everything it perpetrates in terms of atrocious crimes and flouting all human, moral and Islamic values, with all its tyranny and evil, clearly benefiting from the veil with which the United States cover it. The United States have a fundamental role in the aggression: they direct, order, and provide, as they have declared, support in terms of logistics and data, etc. What’s more, today, the Yemeni people are killed by American bombs. Those who are killed, among the children of the people, in markets, in the gatherings of citizens, etc., are killed by American bombs. The hundreds of children killed in their homes, which have collapsed on them, have been killed and their houses destroyed by American bombs. The Saudi regime redoubled in barbarism and murderous rage thanks to the political cover granted by the United States, and with the encouragement, exhortation and blessing of Israel. And it is surprising that the regime is satisfied. The Saudi regime boasts of everything it does when Israel encourages and gives its blessing.
One of the main causes of this disastrous role and the targeting of our noble Yemeni people is what is known of this dignified people, namely its values, ethics, principles, and major and active engagement with the Arab peoples towards Palestine and the Palestinian cause, as well as a marked hostility to Israel. When the growing awareness of our Yemeni people became apparent, and when its level of commitment and responsiveness greatly developed in marches and demonstrations of solidarity, to the point that in this first anniversary of the [2014] aggression against Gaza, we can remember demonstrations very large in scale in Yemen throughout the war against Gaza, to a point unmatched by any other Arab country, huge, spectacular demonstrations, with great response from our people, to the point that in truth, hundreds of thousands of Yemeni people desire, hope and aspire to be side by side with the Resistance in Palestine and the Resistance in Lebanon to fight the Israeli enemy directly. This is the Yemeni people, about which one can say with certainty that this is the Arab people the most committed to the Palestinian cause, the one that showed the most solidarity and compassion with Palestine, at the human and moral levels, but our people is unfortunately very poor financially because of the policy of impoverishment and targeting he has suffered for decades. Likewise, this Yemeni people have always been subject to war, a war of a very large scope, and we are witnessing intensified violence and aggression targeted against them, to a point that has further increased their awakening and consciousness, and commitment to this important cause.
Recently, Israeli fears about the Yemeni people, its popular revolution and its growing awareness emerged publicly, so that some Israelis have said the Yemeni people is more dangerous than Irans nuclear program. And we could say that this is a testimony of the Israeli discomfort with this growing awareness of Yemen and the Yemeni people of our commitment to the great causes of our (Islamic) Community. Israel is experiencing a very great discomfort. And this is why Israel was quick to pressure the United States and both have pressured the Saudi regime which they have used as a vile, stupid and ignorant tool, immoral and without values, for committing the aggression against our noble Yemeni people. We speak here of truths and facts. Netanyahu himself has expressed concern about our situation in Yemen, as well as other Israeli officials. Israeli media talked a lot about it. After these fears were publicly revealed and became widely known in Israel, along with US concerns, this aggression against our country was triggered. And that’s why we can say that from one of the most important causes and motivations of this aggression is the will to punish the Yemeni people for their free and responsible commitment, and its growing awareness of major causes of the (Islamic) Community. But despite all this, our noble Yemeni people gain in resolve, awareness and commitment to their position of principles and responsibility and will never back down.
And that was the strength of our noble Yemeni people, the heroic resistance despite the magnitude of the aggression, and yet the enormous misleading hype that accompanied with an extremely severe blockade, but the resistance of our people was heroic, and they could hold on and firmly face events, giving the true picture of the values, ethics and principles of this noble people, the Yemen of faith and wisdom, the Yemen of civilization, of values ​​and morals. This people has not been broken, and has not changed and never will change its policy of ethics and principles, responsible and free. Yemenis will remain as they are and as the world has always known them in their courage, honour, endurance in the face of adversity, their freedom, their pride, their dignity, and none of the forces of tyranny and crime will ever manage to break their will because they take their strength and determination from God Glorified and Exalted, and because they are in the right and their fight is good and right.
Today we are on the eve of a new truce which was called by the United Nations, whose position (vis-à-vis this war) is timid, because the UN is subject to US influence, to Western influence and Saudi money, that is a certainty. This affects a large number of its representatives, to the point of reaching their new envoy that has been designated by the Saudi veto and is therefore subject to their will. In reality, we have not much hope in the success of this truce, because of our experience with the previous truce. Our hope in the success of this ceasefire is very low, because it implies that it is respected by Saudi Arabia and by its mercenaries, and our experience with the previous truce was bitter and unhappy. It was not a truce, it had no other existence than in the media, and as to what was happening on the ground, it was something else: aerial bombings were continuous, mercenaries, Daechites, the takfiris and Al Qaeda continued to commit all their crimes and attacks against the cities and regions of Yemen.
If we assume that this truce is to be operated, for example under the influence of their American advisers and Israeli blessings, if their masters ask them to respect it, then for the truce to be effective, the aggression must be completely stopped. The continuation of aggression means that great crimes continue to be perpetrated, crimes unprecedented at this level. The crimes that are perpetrated against our worthy Yemeni people, without any justification, can not be found examples of anywhere in the modern world. The most atrocious crimes are committed: targeting crowds of citizens in markets, cities, neighbourhoods, villages, the people as a whole and in all areas of daily life. And these crimes have no justification: it is an absolutely illegal and illegitimate aggression, an aggression that has recently increased in rage and monstrosity, and must be stopped. Its pursuit is unacceptable: we as Yemenis, we can not tolerate that this aggression continues against us with all this hate and all these crimes. The continued pursuit of war means horrible and atrocious crimes daily, this means that the blood of the Yemeni people continues to be spilled, as hundreds of children and women, old and young people continue to be killed. Everyone could see the crimes committed during the last days, up to the crime of targeting markets like the cattle market in Lahij, Hajjah and ‘Amran, the market for potatoes in ‘Amran, etc.
We can not be silenced when facing such an attack so horrible, so monstrous and so atrocious, or rather we can not remain without reacting, because we will not be silent, we are active. Our noble people of Yemen is operational, the army is operational, and its popular committees are also in operation. While Yemen is hastening to face this aggression directly at the border, and confront the mercenaries and instruments of this aggression inside, among its agents and Al Qaeda. Therefore, the continuation of this aggression compels us, as the Yemeni people, to direct us to the next step, an escalation into major strategic actions. There is no way to escape if the aggression continues. It is true that these are momentous, radical and disturbing decisions, which can lead to major developments and upheavals in the region, but we were anxious not to hurry, not to rush to such actions and give the opportunity to the criminal Saudi regime to back off, to stop its unjustifiable aggression. But if the aggression continues, then I say now to all parts of the country and all movements: we have a duty to direct ourselves to these major strategic choices whatever the developments that may ensue. For without this, what can we expect? From the United Nations? We see its situation, it is pathetic, deplorable. Should we count on a sensible stance of the international community? Let them prove their common sense now! Let the international community, the United States itself speak to Saudi Arabia, their agent, their ambassador, the blind attacker, to advise it and to tell it that that’s it, that’s enough! Let them put themselves to end the Saudi obstinacy in this aggression and stop covering them and direct them. In any case, our Yemeni people will not carry the weight of responsibility of all developments that can follow due to this monstrous and criminal aggression. And our Yemeni people will suffer no complaints and no liability, because it is greatly oppressed. What can it do? All this aggression was directed against our people, it is not the Yemeni people who took the decision to conduct an attack against the Saudi regime, or conduct offensive operations against the Saudi regime, nor do anything to the Saudi regime. This is the Saudi regime, under the banner of the United States and Israel behind him, who organized and initiated the attack, then it launched it without any justification. And that is why it is they who bear moral, human, historical responsibility, etc., for all that may arise from this aggression, all its consequences and all its results.
Today, this struggle is inevitable for our Yemeni people, who waited 40 days before starting any operations in retaliation to this aggression. Can we find other people who can patiently endure 40 days (of aggression)? And it has proven to all countries of the region and the world the lies and falsehood of the concocted allegations spread by the Saudi regime. It claimed that this people was a danger to the entire region, but it appeared that it was the Saudi regime itself that represents such a danger, and that our Yemeni people is not aggressive in any way: it is a civilized people, with noble manners, with principles, and values. As for the Saudi regime, it is the aggressor. And it is only after 40 days that the people began to fight back, and the level of responses began to get wider and better organized, giving a chance to the criminal Saudi regime to reassess the situation, to recover. But unfortunately, until now, none of this has been achieved: the aggression continues, with great monstrosity and absolutely atrocious crimes. And therefore, since this aggression continues, with no end on the horizon, and our Yemeni people see that this attack does not stop, there is no choice but to engage in these major actions. Every house, every force in this country must fully support these choices, at all levels, as these will be the necessary decisions. If the attack does not stop, there will be the necessary choice. For what good wait? Should we let them occupy the territory? They [the Saudi regime] have no humanity in them, no honour, no morals, no values. They have no (human) quality. They are monsters in every sense of the word. Who commits such crimes? Targeting markets, crowds of people in the markets in all provinces, here and there, in both the north and the south? Through all these crimes, they reveal their monstrosity: they have no humanity and no values ​​that men respect even during wars. They have no such conception. For them, the one who has money can do whatever he wants, without any limits, and distribute the money here and there, such a sum for the Council of Human Rights, such a sum for the United Nations, such a sum for such and such a country, and its aggression will be covered and legitimated, and there will be no problem.
And that is why I am primarily adressing the inside (Yemen) with this important issue, namely that if the aggression continues and does not end, if this criminal and ruthless aggression continues and perpetuates itself, then we must all mobilize at all levels – mediatically, politically, culturally, militarily and in the area of security – to be able to go ahead and take these major strategic measures, whatever the consequences may be. And we must remember that the confrontation was inevitable from the outset, it was imposed on the Yemeni people and made inevitable. It’s not Yemen that is the aggressor, and it never will be. They are the ones who came and attacked us, it is they who began to perpetrate their crimes and their aggression. So the sensible way to cope is to try to improve our strong points and this is what the whole country has to think and work on. As long as the confrontation is inevitable, and it is the other party that triggered the aggression and insists on continuing its aggression, then the appropriate response is to do everything to develop and reinforce our strengths to face this aggression and put all our weight to that end, our strengths from the moral point of view and from the point of view of acts and pronouncements. That’s what counts, this is the right attitude to take. And I have the utmost respect, the greatest consideration for the comportment of all Yemenis: When talking about the patience and endurance of the people in all its components, in all categories, a grand and heroic patience, then we must take advantage of this patience, this ability to endure, this strength, this very high morality, this determination to persevere. We must put it to good use to head effective major strategic positions, and be able to weigh very heavily in the equation, all this must be reflected concretely in decisive positions. For even if, in truth, our patience, our endurance and our determination to persevere reached a very high degree, an exceptional, magnificent, incomprehensible degree, they need to translate even more on the ground, and that all Yemenis be able to detach from their small sensitivities: it is not time for detailed considerations and ratiocination, for all this affects our concrete capability for defence, and hinders our effective and responsible actions.
First, we must do it because this is a responsibility that weighs on everyone, because everyone in this country was targeted. Aggression, as an exterior aggression outside of the country, is an insult and an injury inflicted upon the dignity and honour of all Yemenis, without consideration for the mercenaries and agents who have sold themselves and sold their country, their people, their morality and humanity for some money: such is the nature of mercenaries worldwide. Even if Israel had attacked us directly, their situation would be the same. In all countries of the world, there are always some men who are noble, dignified and free, a great popular movement of endurance, strength, heroism, freedom and independence, and on the other hand there are the mercenaries, collaborators, slaves and opportunists. But let the people make a front against this aggression and do not allow there to be a question of collaboration with the enemy, let not humiliation and betrayal become an acceptable means to get money. This is something absolutely unacceptable and intolerable. We need on the domestic plan, to have a loud voice and take a strong position regarding this issue.
All should rise above all (secondary) sensitivities and all efforts be directed towards this decisive choice. If the attack does not stop, there is no choice. For the popular revolution, the active and strong character of the people, we are quite ready to make such decisions, by the grace of God and with His help, and trust in Him. But we are particularly keen to ensure that it is the choice of all, an approach adopted by all, to which all are moving, aware that it is our collective responsibility. Today, anyone who has an active role to face this agression does it aware of this responsibility, because he does not fight for me, or for any particular component. This is a national responsibility for each Yemeni, every Muslim, every man worthy and free. It is a religious responsibility for anyone attached to religion, a national responsibility for anyone who has a sense of country, a human responsibility for anyone who still has an ounce of humanity left. No one can be reluctant, miss the call or shy away from his responsibility in such conditions, with everything that the side of the aggressor inflicts on us, unless he is a man completely devoid of any humanitarian feeling. Only one scene among all scenes of crime and killing is enough to vibrate in every man all his human feelings, prompting him to anger and a sense of responsibility vis-à-vis what is happening. And that is why we must all work to end the assault. If it does not stop, if the masters of the Saudi regime do not regain reason and are not convinced to head in that direction, then all our efforts need to be invested in these major strategic choices, and we must be ready, determined, active and effective at all levels.
In conclusion, we reaffirm certain pronouncements:
First, we emphasize the position of principles, humanitarian, moral and religious of the Yemeni people vis-à-vis the Palestinian cause, its holy places, its land and its people. And this position of principle can never be questioned, in any case, whatever the Saudi regime may do. It can absolutely do what it wants to serve the interests of Israel, we do not care. It can characterize our position as an alignment or submission to Iran, or what he wants, we do not care about much of its labels, its false charges and his media propaganda, which does not affect us. What matters to us, is our taking of a responsible, free position, our insight and our awakening which we are well aware of. We, the Yemenis, are well aware and fully measure the scope of what we say, what we do, of what we think, and that in which we are committed.
Second, I call on all classes and elites to prepare to take major strategic decisions if the attack does not stop and continues in its barbarity and its horrific crimes.
Thirdly, I call on all political forces of that country to act to fill the governmental vacuum, without waiting for it from outside; it is something possible and feasible, and it is a responsibility – and simultaneously an urgent need – to serve the people. And the cohesion of our people despite this dangerous vacuum in the government is exceptional. Likewise regarding the home front, I call for our people to be very vigilant about the security situation. For there is concerted action of the Saudi regime with Daech/ISIS and Al-Qaeda to target this people, and it was revealed clearly that there is no difference between the Saudi regime and Daech/ISIS but in their capabilities. Nothing but their respective capabilities. They are all equally takfiris, barbarians and criminals. Just observe how the planes opened the way to car bombs to the cities, especially in Sanaa, when they bombarded security points even as the cars approached to pave their way and allow them to enter in the towns. Just look what they did on the day of the attacks in Sanaa: they made ​​it a great day, and some of their media have even described it as a historic day. This indicates that they constitute a single front, and are operating towards a single goal. Israel has agents: one of them is the Saudi regime and the other consists of the takfiris groups.
Our responsibility is to rely on God, to place our hope and trust in Him, and to aspire to His truthful promise of victory. We must be aware of our responsibility and what we have the duty to do, and take care not to fail, not to fail in our duties.
In this blessed month [of Ramadan], we ask God the Almighty and the Exalted to grant our noble Yemeni people victory and relief, to have mercy on martyrs and heal the wounded, and to bring relief to our Palestinian brothers, our fighting brothers of the Islamic Resistance and the Lebanese Resistance against the Israeli enemy, and bring us towards what He approves, and count us among the freedmen of His fire, because He is the one who hears invocations.
May Gods peace be upon you and His mercy and blessings.