Speech of the Secretary General of Hezbollah, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, on  May 25, 2000, the day of the Liberation of South Lebanon from Israeli occupation.

This May 25, 2015 marks the fifteenth anniversary of the Liberation of Lebanon by Hezbollah, a Lebanese armed faction of several hundred men, supported by Iran and Syria, which inflicted Israel its first defeat in its history. A humiliating defeat obtained by force of arms alone, without any negotiation – because Hezbollah does not negotiate with the Zionist Occupier.

While awaiting the final Victory and the inevitable liberation of all Palestine, let us relive those moments with a direct witness to the events, the journalist Robert Fisk (whose works
Pity the Nation and The Great War for Civilization are a must), and with the famous speech of the cobweb made by Sayed Hassan Nasrallah on Liberation Day. This famous formula has had such an impact that during the July 2006 war, Israel suffered heavy losses in a vain attempt to capture Bint Jbeil, where Hassan Nasrallah had made this speech.

Robert Fisk, Pity the Nation:

“In May of 2000, Israel at last obeyed UN Security Council Resolution 425, which called for the total withdrawal of Israeli forces from southern Lebanon. Admittedly, they left 22 years late; Resolution 425 was passed in 1978. But no one could say they did not leave in haste. In the early part of the month, the SLA began deserting their positions along the Israeli front line. They abandoned artillery, tanks, concrete emplacements, leaving the Israeli troops on their own. The Israelis asked for a ceasefire from the Hezbollah to enable an orderly withdrawal. The Hezbollah refused. They would fight, they said, to the finish. So for a whole week, the Israelis crept out of Lebanon, holding on to their base in the old Crusader castle of Beaufort until the end. As the villagers of southern Lebanon massed to walk in their thousands back to their homes, many SLA men fled for their lives. Some handed themselves over to the Hezbollah. Abandoned by their allies, some of the Israelis left their emplacements under cover of dark and – to avoid guerrilla ambushes – walked home to Israel over the fields. (…)

In the last moments of the retreat, Israeli forces were helicoptered out of Beaufort just before Israeli jets arrived to bomb their bunkers. Hundreds of other SLA men sought asylum in Israel – two were shot down by panicking Israeli troops as they tried to cross the border – and most were granted refuge. At Khiam, crowds broke into the abandoned jail to find the prisoners still locked in their cells. Overwhelmed by emotion, they smashed down the doors. There were men inside who had been held without trial for more than a decade. The wires for the electric torture system were still in place. Only the generators to power them had been taken. It was a rout.

And for Lebanon, it was a liberation. At Taibe, I saw one Hezbollah man run towards a vine-draped house and throw himself into the arms of a woman. His mother wept on his shoulder. `It has been 15 years since I saw her,’ he said to me. I walked with the crowds through Taibe, Hezbollah men with their families – armed and crying their delight – Shiite prelates, elderly villagers, hundreds of children; they all wanted to reach the hill above the town. And when they got there and saw the long border road before them, they each stood unbelieving. For in front of them stretched Israel, the vale of Galilee bathed in a pale blue mist. For so many years they had waited for this moment. In 1982, when the Israeli army smashed its way into Beirut, no one could have dreamed of this. The Hezbollah said it would come. I did not believe them. Yet now I was here on the border with them, their yellow banners floating in the breeze. (…)

The Hezbollah had shown that you don’t have to surrender, that the Middle East’s most powerful army can be humbled. The Lebanese had proved that during the siege of Beirut in 1982. The Palestinians had learned. In Gaza, I found most Palestinians watched Hezbollah’s satellite `Manar’ television, transmitting from Beirut. It showed videos of their own attacks on Israeli compounds, taken by their combat photographers. It urged the Palestinians to fight as the Lebanese had fought. It told them God was on their side.”


[…] We offer this victory to our oppressed people in Palestine, and to the Arabs and the Islamic World. From liberated Bint Jbeil, I address the oppressed, tortured, and afflicted Palestinian people: 
Our people in Palestine, you have the chance to decide on your own destiny, and you can get your land back. Do what Izzeddine al-Qassam chose to do, and learn from the martyrdom of Fatehi Shiqaqi and Yahiya Ayyash. You can get your land back instead of waiting for the Zionists to “grant” you some little place here or a village there! You can bring your families back home very proudly, begging no one. Even if the whole world abandons you, you can get your land and absolute rights back. So, forget about any false reasons delaying your action! 
O people of Palestine, your way to Palestine and to liberty is through serious Resistance and a real insurrection, not through “The Oslo Accord” or the unfair negotiations held in Stockholm. You should choose insurrection and Resistance and never let go of your rights. Do what the Lebanese do: They refuse to keep even a small part of their land occupied.
Hence, we offer this glorious Lebanese model to our people in Palestine. To free your land, you don’t need tanks, strategic balance, rockets, and cannons; you need to follow the way of self-sacrificing martyrs who shook and horrified the coercive Zionist entity. You, the oppressed, unarmed, and restricted Palestinians, can force the Zionist invaders to return to the places where they came from. Make the Falasha return to Ethiopia, and let the Russian Jews return to Russia! 

The choice is yours, and the model lies right in front of your eyes. An honest and serious Resistance can make the dawn of freedom rise. Our fellow, beloved Palestinians, I tell you: “Israel” which owns nuclear weapons and the strongest air fleets in the region, is feebler than a spider web- I swear to God.
However, if you wish to depend on the Soviet Union as the case used to be, then you’re getting nowhere. If you are waiting for the international community, then you’re waiting for nothing. Don’t bet on any developments as no one will save you.
O people of Palestine, the Holy Qur’an of Allah the Exalted in Might says, {If ye help Allah, He will help you and will make your foothold firm.} [47, 7].
O people of Palestine, Allah’s Qur’an also says, {If Allah helps you, then none shall overcome you.} [3, 160].
And, I tell the Muslim and Arab worlds: Shame, defeat, humiliation, and disgrace are history now. This victory lays the foundation for a new era and makes all that’s gone history. Overcome your despair and make hope your weapon. Get rid of feebleness and be determined and perseverant. 
On behalf of all the martyred and oppressed Lebanese, I request that the Arab governments end normalization with “Israel.” I request that they take a firm stance against “Israel,” and I request that the Arab peoples support the Palestinians and refuse any form of normalization with the enemy… The Resistance has defeated the Grand “Israel”. The Resistance has conquered the Mighty “Israel!” So, resisting normalization is an important part of the Resistance. […]