Speech of February 16, 2014, on the occasion of the annual commemoration of Hezbollah’s martyred leaders

[…] The last point I want to make – I said I would come back to that when I talked about Palestine, Israel, and so on. Although we have different views on this issue, I would like to say to the Lebanese, to the Palestinians – to our brothers in Palestine on whom naturally weigh very heavy responsibilities so far, in the refugee camps… – I speak to our brothers in (different) Palestinian factions, to scholars, people’s committees (and I say to them): it is not enough to publish sentences condemning (the current peace talks with Israel). You have to join forces: you have to talk to each other, analyze the situation carefully because there are people who are trying to exploit the Palestinians to achieve the result I mentioned earlier (put an end to the Palestinian cause) – so I will not repeat myself.

I speak to the Lebanese, Palestinians, Syrians, to all the Arab peoples, to all the Arab parties and forces, to all the men of honor of the world and of this region, to all those who really care about Palestine, Lebanon and Syria (and I tell them): if you want Israel to lose these opportunities – the ones we mentioned earlier – and if you want to preserve this region from (fratricide) conflict that would last for decades, (then) put an end to this war against Syria.

End the war against Syria.

Get (jihadists) fighters out of Syria. Allow Syrians to reconcile with each other, as they currently do in more than one region.

Of course, we would also end our presence in Syria that day.

However, if we want to face the situation as it should be, if we want to contain all these opportunities (for the enemy) and these threats (which weigh on us), we must – all as we are – we must put end to the war against Syria and inside Syria, to protect Palestine, Lebanon, Syria and the (Muslim) nation.

We hope that (the Arab-Muslim world) will seize this chance.

On the occasion of the commemoration of the (Hezbollah) martyred leaders – I was a little long, but it is to compensate for my long absence – we promise these great and noble martyrs that we will keep their minds, their thoughts their organization, their sincerity, their faithfulness, their blood, their sacrifices, their patience, their sufferings and their hopes, like all martyrs, and that we will follow their footsteps to the end, so that this country, this people, this (Islamic) nation are always – God willing – in a strong, dignified and capable position.

May God have mercy on our martyrs and yours, all of them.

May the Peace of God be upon you, and his Mercy and Grace. […]