Televised speech delivered on June 3, 2020, by Ayatollah Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, on the 31st anniversary of the death of Imam Khomeini.




[…] Fortunately, when the country has trust in God, the result is what you see in the present time. One part of the enemy was the Soviet Union that suffered that fate. Another part is the US which is in such an appalling situation today. What is being witnessed today in US cities and states is the revelation of certain truths that used to be covered up all the time before. These are not new developments. This is the truth coming to light. It is the appearance of the slime at the bottom of the pool which has risen to the surface. This is how it is.

When a police officer holds his knee on a black man’s neck and presses hard for several minutes with total inattention while the man keeps imploring and begging him to stop, while the police officer keeps doing it until he dies and while the other policemen just watch without taking any action to stop him- this is not a new incident. This runs in the nature of America! This is what the Americans have done to the whole world. They did the same things to Afghanistan, to Iraq, to Syria, to Vietnam and to many other countries in the world. This is America’s behavior. This is the nature of the US government which has revealed its true colors. When the people chant, “Let us breathe”, or “We can’t breathe”, which has turned into the slogan of the people in large demonstrations in different cities, this is in fact what all nations – which have fallen victim to America’s oppressive presence, usurpation and actions – want to say from the bottom of their hearts.

In any case, by Allah’s favor and grace, the Americans disgraced themselves with their own behavior. On the one hand, they handled the Coronavirus pandemic in a poor way, which brought them disgrace. This disgrace continues to loom large over their heads. Despite the fact that the disease spread in their country much later than other countries and while they could benefit from others’ experience and prepare themselves, their poor management has caused them to have casualties and infected cases several times larger than other countries. They could not and cannot handle it. This is due to the corruption that exists in the ruling system of the US.

On the other hand, they behave towards their people like this. Despite the fact that they kill people in a visibly appalling manner, they are so brazen that they show up in public without one word of apology. That is while they open their big mouths to say that they support “human rights”. Apparently, the black man who was killed that way was not a human and did not have any rights! This is how it is.

In any case, as I said before, the American peopple have a feeling of shame and humiliation because of their administrations. It is really necessary for the American nation to feel ashamed of the government that holds power in the US today. I believe that even those people – whether the Iranians inside our country or the Iranians outside the country – whose job is to support, defend and embellish the US, even they cannot hold their heads up because of the current circumstances in the US.

I hope that God will develop events to the advantage of the Iranian nation, that He will increase the power of the Islamic Republic on a daily basis and that He will associate the immaculate soul of our magnanimous Imam and our dear martyrs – in particular, our recent martyrs including Shahid Soleimani – with His saints, God willing.

Peace be upon you, and God’s mercy and blessings.

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