Press statement and answers to media questions following a trilateral meeting between the leaders of the guarantor states of the Astana process on the settlement in Syria, September 16, 2019, Ankara.






[…] Question: I must ask you what happened in Saudi Arabia when a Saudi Aramco facility was targeted in a drone attack. Did you discuss this topic during your talks? How will this incident affect the oil market? Does Russia intend to provide Saudi Arabia with any help or support in restoring its infrastructure?
Vladimir Putin: […] We did not discuss the airstrikes against Saudi Arabia’s refineries. However, you know our position, I mean Russia’s position. First, it is true that an extreme humanitarian disaster is unfolding in Yemen. Disaster is the right word to describe what is going on in that country. We are ready to help and call on everyone who can do this to follow our lead. This is my first point.
Second, we believe that the best way to overcome this crisis is to facilitate agreements between all the parties involved in the conflict. Here in Turkey, in a predominately Muslim country, a verse from the Quran comes to mind: “And remember the favour of Allah upon you – when you were enemies and He brought your hearts together and you became, by His favour, brothers.” I believe that this message is highly relevant: you became, by His favour, brothers. It is emphasised that things that set people apart and bring about conflict must be relegated to the background, while the spiritual kinship among people must prevail.
As for assisting Saudi Arabia, it is also written in the Quran that violence of any kind is illegitimate except when protecting one’s people. In order to protect them and the country, we are ready to provide the necessary assistance to Saudi Arabia. All the political leaders of Saudi Arabia have to do is take a wise decision, as Iran did by buying the S-300 missile system, and as President Erdogan did when he bought Russia’s latest S-400 Triumph anti-aircraft system. They would offer reliable protection for any Saudi infrastructure facilities.
President of Iran Hassan Rouhani: So do they need to buy the S-300 or the S-400?
Vladimir Putin: It is up to them to decide. […]
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