Speeches of Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, 1990s


“If I knew that I would be killed, burnt and my ashes thrown in the air, then resurrected, killed, burnt and my ashes thrown in the air, then all over again, a thousand times, I would never leave you, o Hussein!”
“When the Great Satan (the USA) announces its aggression towards us and its war on us, this is a great honor and pride for us. This is the proof of our integrity. This is the proof of our independence. This is the proof of our dignity. This is the proof of our patriotism. Because the Americans do not wage wars on their agents, proxies and slaves. This is a proof that we are our own masters. That we are free, honorable and proud. This is what we were, what we are and what we will remain. With Imam Hussein and (his sister) Zeynab, peace be upon them.”
Believe us, oh Master (Imam Hussein) that we do not betray you. We will not leave your women (without protection). Nor your objectives, nor the religion of your grandfather, nor the dignity of your grandfather. We will not leave the pursuit of reform in the Community of our Prophet. We will not leave the promotion of good and forbidding of evil. We will not be except what you want of us: righteous, obedient worshippers, generous, who love and strive. O Master, we renew our allegiance to you, our allegiance to you heir and grand-grandson, the Mahdi, peace be upon him. We renew our allegiance to this great Imam, and we believe in his existence, protection, mercy and blessings, his attention and care towards us, in guiding us, supporting us, defending us. O brothers and sisters, this Imam towards which we renew our allegiance, we must strengthen our spiritual relationship with him, we must remember him in our prayers, commemorations and celebrations, in the funerals of our martyrs and in our victory rallies, when we are hungry and when we are filled. We must remember him during our nights and during our days. We must focus our hearts and minds towards him with yearning. Our eyes must be filled with desire to see him. And towards him our souls yearn with love, strength, patience and hope. We wait for him to fight and be killed under him. And each and every one of us has the same dream that this Black African in Karbala had, to be killed defending Imam Hussein, and for his Imam to come put his cheek over his before he dies, so that he can say ‘Who is as happy as I am, whilst the Son of the Prophet of God puts his cheek over mine?!’
“This Great Messenger, peace of God upon him and his family, the greatest characteristic he brings forth to us is Guidance. He guided us. He is our guide to the realities of Existence, our guide towards God, so that we know Him, get close to Him. He guides us towards God so that we fear Him and be devout to Him, so that we worship Him, and strive in His Path. The Prophet is our Guide and Introducer to the Day of Judgment. It is through him that God Most High and Exalted gave us some knowledge of the Unseen, of the past and of the future. When we look at our previous civilization, at our former glory, when we look forward to a bright future in which we have great hopes, to bring back our civilization again, to revive it along with our values, existence, dignity, pride and respect as a Community, we know that this will not happen but by returning to Him and following His leadership and guidance.”
“The believers who are righteous and patient, in order for them to protect their honor and what they have achieved, they must confront these difficulties and hardships. However, how do we confront these difficulties and hardships? We cannot confront them without being people of patience and not of those who give up. People who are not overwhelmed by adversity, nor are they frightened by war, nor do they become anxious when attacked, nor are they troubled by (false) accusations, nor are they weakened by sanctions. Because this life and what it holds within it is as Imam Ali (as) said: “It holds less value than the burp of a goat”. Because this life is as the Imam said: ”it is like a day that is coming to its end.” During this life that is finite and ending, we cannot abandon our responsibilities, nor our duties, our struggle, our dignity, our honor, nor our positions of victory. We cannot surrender, submit to humiliation, be fooled or flee from the battlefield. If we did, we would end up in hellfire and we would have lost this life and the next.”