Speech by Hezbollah Secretary General Sayed Hassan Nasrallah on December 7, 2017, following Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Al-Quds (Jerusalem) as the capital of Israel 

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[…] Regarding our position (against Trump’s decision about Al-Quds / Jerusalem), I wish to express some (recommended actions) that I will categorize into two parts. 

The first part concerns the protest against this decision. (On the one hand), any form of protest, condemnation, denunciation, objection, rejection, refusal expressed against this open American aggression and dangerous move, and, on the other hand, any announcement of solidarity, support, expression of the fact that we stand alongside Palestine, the people of Palestine and the cause of Al-Quds (Jerusalem), that it is important for all of us, that it is our responsibility and concerns all of us, are indispensable actions, it is the lesser degree of faith (of struggle imposed on everyone).
Maybe someone will ask what are words good for, but no, it is necessary and indispensable to speak, it is the lesser degree of faith. Let no one devaluate ​​or shrink (the importance of) positions, statements, speeches and all forms of denunciation and protest which I will discuss in a moment. These actions are essential. Of course, more is needed, but if some (countries and factions) do not do more, this responsibility remains nevertheless imposed on each and everyone of us.
All forms of protest, condemnation, rejection, denunciation and opposition must be heard by the US administration and felt by the usurper entity (Israel) across the entire Arab and Muslim world and even in the whole world.
To give some examples, today, for example, social networks: a person is sitting at home, no one will shoot him as is now happening in the heart of Palestine, nor will it cause him trouble or anything. The least, the most modest action for anyone feeling concerned by this question, for every free and honorable man in the world, not just in the Arab-Muslim world, and during the days and even weeks to come, if every day, all people who are on social networks condemn Trump and what he did, and confirm that Al-Quds (Jerusalem) is the eternal capital of the State of Palestine and reject the Judaization of Al-Quds, etc., if they express this position, if, for example, hundreds of millions of Tweets are issued, hundreds of millions of positions on social networks, this for days and weeks, this will be reflected upon the American administration and the Zionist entity by transforming joy into bitterness, and they will realize that they are facing a very large public and very strong movement. 
And what would we have we done (for this)? We need not come out in the snow, we need not offer our chests to bullets. (We can do it) very simply, in all simplicity, (with daily posts on social networks), and I say it clearly, it is the lesser degree of faith, is the least of our duties: every man, every woman, every young man and young girl, in the Arab-Muslim world and in the world at large, should simply take a position every day, post their position on social networks. This is one of the opportunities that social networks offer us today. The administration of these networks will fail to remove everything when it finds hundreds of millions, tens of millions of such posts at least. This is something you can do, it is one of the possibilities available to us. Tonight, tomorrow, every hour, it is a possibility that is offered to us. And every young man and young girl, every man and woman must consider that it is an imperative duty that is imposed on them, the least of the duties these days towards Palestine.
All must therefore issue statements and positions throughout the Arab-Muslim world (and beyond): private individuals, personalities, relevant organizations, scholars, thinkers, media, elites, professionals, trade unions, schools, universities, associations, everything we have in terms of cadres, parties, movements, political forces, all our leaders and organizations, be them social, cultural, media and political across the world and the Arab-Muslim world, must issue statements and announce their position. They do not have the right to remain silent.
And no one should behave by saying “If I speak out, it’s not going to change anything!” If you’re the only one to speak, maybe (it will not change anything). If I am the only one to express myself, maybe (it will not change anything). But if we all speak, if we all condemn, denounce, reject and protest, and if we all confirm the cultural identity of Al-Quds (Jerusalem) then this will have a significant and very important impact. We must therefore publish (massively) statements and positions. 
(We must) organize meetings, gatherings, calls, conferences, rallies to express this position. Demonstrations and sit-ins must be organized. And today the Palestinian people, since yesterday actually, preceded (everyone in the protests). Today, there are confrontations, injured people (in Palestine). I do not know if there are martyrs yet. 
When we protest, when you protest, when so-and-so and so-and-so protest in the Arab world, the Muslim world and also in the (other) world capitals, in the Arab and Muslim communities, Trump will look at the situation in amazement and say to himself “In what a mess, in what hive did I stuff myself? Those who told me that there will be no reaction in the world (deceived me).” Who says that these events, if they occur, and God willing they will occur in many places, carry no message? They convey a very strong message to this aggression and convey a very strong message of support for the Palestinian people who stands today on the first line of defense of Al-Quds (Jerusalem) and the holy places of Palestine. […]