Speech by Sayed Hassan Nasrallah, Secretary General of Hezbollah, on October 24, 2015, on the occasion of Ashura, commemoration of the martyrdom of Imam Hussein.

On behalf of this massive rally in favor of [Imam] Hussein we renew our loud and vehement denunciation of the US-Saudi aggression against the oppressed people of Yemen and we condemn these Saudi violations against everything sacred in Yemen under the eyes and within earshot of the world, who remains silent about the biggest massacres perpetrated now by the Saud dynasty, under the cameras of the world media. [Audience: Death to the Saud dynasty!]
I confirm our position alongside the Yemeni people’s Resistance its army, its popular committees and its Islamic and nationalist forces,
and we are proud of their heroic resistance and are confident of their next victory whatever abilities and resources deployed against them, because their pure blood will triumph over the tyrants’ swords and invaders.
Likewise, we condemn the crackdown by Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries of the people of Bahrain, rebel, oppressed, believing and steadfast, and at the same time, determined to get his rights in terms of freedom, sovereignty and honor, regardless of the repression and terror against him.
And we sympathize and ask God’s mercy for pilgrims to the House of God in Mina the number of victims exceeded, according to latest figures, 2200 martyrs plus a large number of missing to date, because of neglect, failure and incompetence of the Saudi regime in its service and protection of pilgrims to the Holy House of God. And we call again to investigate this appalling slaughter and be careful not to forget the terrible catastrophe that must burn in our memories forever.
We, today, the children of [Imam] Hussein, peace be upon him, we declare to the United States, Israel, to the dynasty of Saud, to [ISIS] takfiris: “By God, no, by God, we will never pledge you allegiance, it would be a humiliation,and we will never submit like slaves.” [Imam Hussein]. We are people of jihad, of Resistance.”[Any] humiliation [is] far from us!” [Imam Hussein]. Is not this the school of [Imam] Hussein, peace be upon him, the one who taught us to make the decisive choices?
As we declare at every opportunity, especially last night [9th day of Muharram, the last before the martyrdom of Imam Hussein] still, even today, all those who embody Yazid [b. Mu’awiya, who ordered the killing of Imam Hussein] by their tyranny, their arrogance, their cruelty, their aggression against Islam, against the values ​​of Islam, they confront us with an alternative (two choices), and as for us, the choice is clear: “The bastard [Yazid] son ​​of a bastard [Mu’awiya]…” At all times and in all places, [it will stay our slogan]. Yazid and Ibn Ziyad, and those who embody today fully Yazid and Ibn Ziyad [murderers of Imam Hussein].
“The bastard [Yazid] son ​​of a bastard [Mu’awiya] has forced us to make a choice between two things, between the sword [death] and humiliation: [Any] humiliation [is] far from us! ” [“We would rather die a hundred times instead of enduring humiliation.” Imam Hussein]. Who forbids us humiliation? Who forbids us humiliation? “God forbids such a thing…” This is not a personal feeling, a personal resolution, indoor oath of some people who, by God, ardently would seek martyrdom, no.
“God forbids such a thing, His Prophet and the believers, lofty souls, the enthusiastic proud [nose],they forbid us to choose obedience to a criminal draw honorable people [= martyrdom].” [Audience: “At your service, O Hussein!”]
And in this [resistant] way of [Imam] Hussein and [his sister] Zeynab, what do we have to wait for, you and me, if not the dignity, honor, greatness and victory, glory in the name of [Imam] Hussein’s soul and culture, and the blood of Hussein victorious over the sword of Yazid, at all times, and in the name of Zaynab, Zaynab’s wisdom, patience, courage, there will be for anyone who takes this path, nothing but victory, honor, greatness and dignity.
We reiterate, in the tenth day [of Muharram], our allegiance to Hussein, peace be upon him, and assure him: O our master and our imam, by our blood, our tears, our breath, our soul, the flesh of our flesh [our children], we will assume and realize your goals, we will take responsibility for your Islam, your blood, and we shall overcome them by the sword of any tyrant, arrogant invader, occupier, and renew you, in this day of ours, and all the days, years, and centuries to come, our allegiance, our love and our unwavering commitment to your rescue: “At your service, O Hussein!” [Audience: “At your service, O Hussein!”]