Excerpts from Gamal Abd al-Nasser’s speeches from 1962 to 1966, during the North Yemen War opposing the supporters of the deposed king Muhammad al-Badr, backed by Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Britain, and the revolutionary Republicans, supported by Nasser.

Today’s Egypt, vassal of the House of Saud and member of their coalition against the current popular uprising in Yemen, suffocating Gaza together with Israel, fell into an unfathomable abyss of servility and is very far from its glorious past…

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December 23, 1962

Gamal Abd al-Nasser : […] The battle of Yemen is our battle. Yemen’s revolution is our revolution. […]

The revolution began on September 26th (1962). As of September 27th, the King Saud had a crisis of hysteria, and he began sending weapons to Najran and Jizan (border cities). […]

The Arab people of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, this Arab people has responsibilities. They are called the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, but it is not the people who chose this name. They are a people of a region of the Arabian Peninsula which has always been called Najd and the Hijaz. But will the Arab people agree to take up arms against the revolution? Perhaps those who will be compelled to do so will take up arms. Perhaps mercenaries will take up arms. Perhaps reactionaries will take up arms. Perhaps opportunistic people will take up arms. But free men, will they take up arms? […]

We have suffered losses, and I’m going to reveal the exact numbers. From day one, until yesterday, our losses were 136 officers and soldiers. 21 officers and 115 soldiers. Any of their shoes has more dignity than the crown of King Saud [of Saudi Arabia] and King Hussein [of Jordan]. […]

Our present Yemen Arab force will work to end the current agression, then it will also work to end the bases of aggression. And by the bases of aggression, I do not mean the Arab people in Saudi Arabia, but I mean the bases of aggression by Saudi princes and kings against the Yemeni revolution and against our Arab force. […]

May 1st, 1966

Gamal Abd al-Nasser : […] Will the reactionary rulers of Saudi Arabia manage to break the legitimate hopes and enthusiastic dreams burning in the hearts of thousands of young people of the Arabian Peninsula? Never! The reactionary Saudi leaders will never be able to achieve this. […]

June 23, 1966

Gamal Abd al-Nasser : […] We observed during the past year a total cooperation between Arab reactionary leaders and colonizing forces. There is a clear cooperation and solidarity between them directed against Arab nationalism and Arab revolutionary and liberation movements.

Suspicious arms contracts are concluded and they are directed against the Arabs and not against enemies of the Arabs. The proof is that the weapons supplied to the Arabs are the same as those provided to the enemies of the Arabs. Those who arm Israel are the same who arm Saudi Arabia and the reactionary states in the region.

You have read the information published yesterday on the agreement between Saudi Arabia and Britain, according to which Britain will provide them with British planes. And of course, in Saudi Arabia, there are US military bases and British military bases. […]

June 26, 1966

Gamal Abd al-Nasser : […] I do not imagine for one second that the Saudi kingdom will ever fight in Palestine, with American and British bases on its soil. Saudi Arabia should first of all free itself of US military bases and British bases. Only then could they head towards the Liberation of Palestine. […]

December 23, 1963

Gamal Abd al-Nasser : […] (Anti-Saudi outbursts in the audience) We have already spoken of Saud and we know their story from beginning to end. And … you know …. It’s a sin to mangle the dead. […]

June 21, 2014

[Let us now see the new President Sissi, presented by the servile Egyptian media as Nasser reborn, bowing to the Saudi king, Saud al-Faisal, Bandar (Bush) Bin Sultan, etc.]

King Fahd: Welcome, welcome President. How are you? Well I hope. May God preserve you and give you long life!

Sissi: Thank you!

[Blah Blah Blah …]
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