Speech by Hezbollah Secretary General Sayed Hassan Nasrallah on October 1, 2022, in memory of Sayed Mohammad Ali Al-Amin, a Shiite scholar who died in July.

Source: video.moqawama.org

Translation: resistancenews.org


[…] The fifth point I want to address is the developments on the international scene, which we have to follow (closely). Some people say that this does not concern Lebanon, but what is happening now can change the face of the world. The conflict between Russia and Ukraine is no longer a regional issue. It was from the beginning an international event, but with the latest developments, especially what happened yesterday, Friday [September 30, the date of Putin’s speech endorsing the accession of 4 Ukrainian provinces to Russia], and the implications of the Russian position and the American, European, NATO positions, as well as the international divisions (between pro-Russian, pro-Ukrainian, and neutrals), we are facing a huge and major international development, which will have repercussions on the whole world. Of course, Lebanon must follow these developments with responsibility and vigilance. Generally, many events that should be followed (closely) by Lebanon are not, while they do have an influence on the country.

My sixth and last point, I want to say a few words about the Islamic Republic of Iran, as it is the most important regional event in the region… I forgot to say earlier, about ISIS, that although the government, the State of ISIS is over —what the great martyr Qassem Soleimani, may God bless him, announced about the eradication of the ISIS Emirate has materialized—, the ISIS organization, the ISIS project, the instrumentalization of ISIS are still relevant. You remember that when the Syrian desert was liberated, as well as Deir Ezzor, Al-Mayadin, Al-Boukamal, and when Mosul in Iraq was liberated, American helicopters landed to exfiltrate some of the leaders and executives of Daech and relocate them —the videos are available on the Internet, you can find them. I am not claiming that all members of ISIS are CIA agents, and that they know themselves to be spies in the service of the United States, no. But the American influence, the American infiltration of ISIS, allowing the United States to instrumentalize it in its service, is enormous and clearly established. The question then was where did the United States transport these ISIS cadres? They were transporting them to Afghanistan. And we see where Afghanistan is now: every Friday, a suicide bomber blows himself up in a mosque. And this does not only affect Shiites, but also Sunni mosques, foreign embassies, etc.

The day before yesterday, a suicide bomber blew himself up in an educational institution where 300 girls were studying for an exam, killing more than 50 people. They were Shiites. These things are happening before the eyes of the world, but who said anything about it? Has anyone in the world commented on or condemned this attack? But when an Iranian woman dies in obscure circumstances [see video of her death] —because until now, things are not clear—, Mrs. [Mahsa] Amini, the whole world stands up!

The United States, the White House, Europe, European Prime Ministers, Arab, regional and international media, etc. When more than 50 innocent girls were killed in an attack in Afghanistan, not to mention the hundreds of injured, no one in the whole world paid the slightest attention, because after all, (in their eyes) this blood is licit, it can be shed with impunity and without consequence, it has no value. But in Iran, because the Islamic Republic is targeted, because the Iranian regime is targeted, the slightest incident is instrumentalized, even if it is obscure, even if it is not known what happened, in order to incite (the world) against this regime.

I say that ISIS is still present, and there are attempts to reactivate it in Syria, there are attempts to reactivate it in Iraq, and ISIS is very present and powerful in Afghanistan, and strikes unfortunately every week. And we don’t forget that it was the United States that created ISIS, by the admission of American (officials), President Trump and American generals.

And it is the United States and its secret services that continue to protect ISIS, that ensure their movement from one place to another, that finance them, and provide them with new manpower and additional capabilities. No one should forget that. We must always keep this reality in mind.

As for the Islamic Republic of Iran, because it is the main pillar of the Axis of Resistance, it has been targeted since the day of its triumph (in 1979). It has always been targeted, since the first day. The assassinations of scholars, religious authorities, great political and military leaders, the internal unrest, the incitement to sedition among the different components and religions of the Iranian people in several provinces, the 8-year war (launched by Saddam Hussein) financed by some Gulf countries to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars, and supported by the whole world, from the East to the West, from the USSR to the USA, all the armed forces, up to the sanctions and the reinforcement of the sanctions lately, not to mention the daily incitement, every hour, in the media, with tens and hundreds of radios and TVs in Persian language, of which we are rarely aware because we do not speak Persian [BBC Persian, VOA Persian, etc.], and the hundreds of electronic armies, as we are currently suffering the scourge of social networks, etc. , a daily incitement that reaches every house, every young man and woman in Iran.

Because they are betting on the Iranian interior, knowing full well that Iran is too strong, too capable and too attached to its dignity and sovereignty to be attacked from the outside: all successive American administrations have convinced themselves that an American war against Iran would be doomed to failure. If such a war were to happen, it would have happened in the Trump era, but nothing like that has happened. Why? Because Iran is strong, powerful and committed to its dignity and sovereignty. It is not out of American benevolence (that Iran was not attacked). And today, what is happening with us, with Lebanon, the agreement on maritime borders and offshore oil and gas fields that is being negotiated between Lebanon and the usurper entity (Israel), is not out of benevolence on the part of the United States, nor out of benevolence on the part of the Zionists: it is because Lebanon is strong and capable.

It is because the external attack has no prospect of success that the United States has resorted to the choice of internal destabilization of Iran. The harsh and unprecedented sanctions were meant to incite the Iranian people against the Islamic regime, just as the sanctions against Lebanon are meant to incite the people against the Resistance (Hezbollah). They want to make people believe that the cause of the crises that hit them is the Islamic regime (in Iran) or the Resistance (in Lebanon).

Sometimes they create incidents out of thin air and build hopes on them, illusions, mirages. For example, a few weeks ago, we saw how many media outlets in the Gulf and the world, as well as social networks and electronic armies, spread the fable that His Eminence the Leader Sayed Ali Khamenei, may God preserve him, was dead, and that Iranians were hiding it and arguing over the election of his successor. Of course, this is not new, even in the time of Imam Khomeini, may his soul be sanctified, (false) rumors of his death were frequently spread. This is what they hope for. Then His Eminence the Leader appeared on the occasion of the commemoration of the Fortieth Day after the martyrdom of Imam Hussein, he made a speech, standing up, in full health, thank God, may he live a long time. Such lies are continuously spread to undermine people’s will, their determination, their morale, their trust in their leaders, in their (popular) masses, in their (political) regime, in their Resistance…

The same applies to the latest events. The truth (about Mahsa Amini’s death) will eventually be known, but this event was instrumentalized, and people took to the streets in several Iranian cities: tens, hundreds of people? One thousand, two thousand, three thousand? Very well, we admit it. Some of them were rioters who destroyed property, assaulted, killed.

And all the world’s media presented them as if they were the whole Iranian people, as if they represented their will. But after a few days, when millions of Iranians took to the streets in many cities of Iran (to denounce the rioters and support the government), the international media fell silent. They were not heard from again. Nothing was shown either on television or on social networks, nothing at all. And they expressed their disappointment, primarily the Israeli media. This is the truth of this world, O my brothers and sisters.

I want to say two things about Iran. The first is that Iran is strong, capable and committed to its dignity and sovereignty, and that the Iranian people are committed to their Islam, their religion, their Prophet and the family of their Prophet, peace and blessings of God upon him. These ignorant fools need only look at the days of Muharram and Safar in Iran (during which the martyrdom of Imam Hussein is commemorated).

Just look at the regular and even daily (mass) pious visits to the mausoleum of Imam al-Redha in Mashhad and Sayeda Ma’souma in Qom, peace be upon them. It is enough to see the demonstrations of the Iranian people on various occasions (such as the International Day of Al-Quds). It is enough to see the unprecedented funeral since God created Adam, until now, I am talking about the funeral of martyr Qassem Soleimani, and this massive, colossal and breathtaking presence of millions of people. It was not the regime that made them come, they came of their own accord, the children, the elderly, extremely distressed (by this loss) to the point of crying with emotion. These fools —and we have a few of them in Lebanon, but not many, thank God— must read this truth, the truth of Iran. You are chasing mirages.

I say to the friends of the Islamic Republic of Iran and to all those who love it around the world: do not be saddened, do not be worried, do not even be affected (by these events and manipulations). This blessed Islamic Republic, which has in one of the essential passages of its Constitution, which cannot be amended, that the true ruler of this state is the Argument of God on Earth, the son of Imam al-Askari, the awaited Mahdi [Savior who is to come at the end of time with the Messiah to bring about justice on Earth], may God hasten his reappearance, this Islamic Republic is stronger than ever. It is stronger than ever, more rooted than ever, more courageous than ever.

That is why you should not be affected by (false) information, slogans, etc. It is natural for people to be affected (by such massive campaigns), but I tell you not to be affected, not to be worried, whatever happens. Much more serious things have happened in the history of the Islamic Revolution for more than 40 years, much more dangerous and much more massive things, but the Islamic Republic of Iran, which relies on its great faith in God the Most High and Exalted, on its trust in Him, and on the presence of this historic and exceptional leader, wise, courageous, persevering, lucid and wise (Sayed Ali Khamenei), by the presence of this sincere, sacrificing, loving (its cause), loyal and martyrdom-ready people, it is absolutely impossible that they can make this Republic fall.

The last point is also addressed to the peoples of our region. After reassuring them (about Iran), I want to tell them this: the Western media and some Gulf media are constantly working to incite their people against the Islamic Republic of Iran, and to create animosity between them and Iran. Of course, their efforts have largely failed so far. Making this or that regime an enemy of Iran is easy, because many of them in our region are only instruments in the hands of the hegemonic American regime. They are only instruments, nothing more. They receive instructions and they carry them out. The same goes for a large number of media outlets, which only carry out instructions, and which are financed in the service of this destabilization project. But it is on the people (in good faith) that we must act.

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I am addressing today in particular the Iraqi people who are dear to us. I have no intention of interfering in their internal affairs: what happens in Iraq, the cause of the disputes, what to do, is their problem. Thank God, there are wise, well-guided and lucid religious authorities in Iraq, with a big heart and great capacity. There are also leaders, scholars, wise people and sincere people in quantity.

But the only point I want to emphasize, which does not only concern Iraq but all the peoples of the region, is that the constant incitement against Iran, the presentation of the Islamic Republic and the Iranian people as enemies of the peoples of the region are satanic acts, an American hegemonic and satanic project aimed at dividing the ranks of this Ummah (world Muslim community). This Islamic Republic, this regime, this people and its leaders, this state, I affirm to you with all my experience —because for 40 years we have had a direct relationship and are in constant contact, discussion and follow up together (issues) with Iran, and we have faced together for 40 years, both in Lebanon and in the region, many great challenges. I affirm today before God, and in the face of this recent ordeal that Iran has overcome, thank God, I say before God the Most High and Exalted, and I bear witness to it in this world and in the other, that this Islamic Republic of Iran wants absolutely nothing from the peoples of this region. It does not want anything from the Iraqi people. Many countries in the world are publicly stating that they covet Iraqi oil and gas. Trump has repeatedly made such statements to the press, denouncing the Obama and Bush administrations for not getting their hands on the oil wells (in Iraq and Syria).

Some countries openly state that they have ambitions on Iraq’s oil, on Iraq’s choices, on Iraq’s waters. The Islamic Republic does not covet anything, neither oil, nor choices, nor waters, either in Iraq or elsewhere in the region. On the contrary, the Islamic Republic deploys all its efforts, all its capabilities, even the blood of its great commanders and fighters, and sacrifices its own children so that the Iraqi people may be safe, peaceful, free, dignified and noble. How could the Iraqi people forget the presence of the martyr Hajj Qassem Soleimani, and that of the martyrs, both in the ranks of soldiers and commanders, as well as Iranian volunteers (fallen in Iraq in the war against ISIS)? How could he forget Iran’s position (on the side of Iraq), which Iraqi officials recall daily? The United States has abandoned Iraq, the countries of the world have abandoned Iraq. Who opened up their arms supplies and skies for Iraq? Who sent their leaders and fighters there? Who provided Iraq with all its armed force, all its weapons, all its money? The entire Islamic Republic of Iran was standing in defense of the Iraqi people when they were invaded by ISIS, which seized several Iraqi provinces, and threatened to take Baghdad, Karbala and other (major) cities. How could it be possible to forget this?

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How could normal men look with affection and love at Saudi Arabia which sent 5,000 suicide bombers against Iraq, tearing the bodies of Iraqi women, children and men of all races and faiths to pieces in the four corners of the country, against walls, in mosques & churches and in market places? How could any normally constituted human being turn with hostility to the Islamic Republic which did everything to make Iraq free from the American occupation, then confront the danger of ISIS, and preserve the existence of Iraq, its people and its identity?

Anyone who tells the Iraqi people and the peoples of the region that Iran has colonizing, lucrative or manipulative intentions is a liar and a traitor! And he is a coward, whoever he is! I am not targeting anyone in particular, I am speaking in general. One has the right to have objections to Iran, no problem with that. One has the right to be opposed to certain policies of the Islamic Republic, no problem. One can have critics about the behavior of certain Iranian officials, no problem. It’s all different. It is perfectly normal and legitimate. But to turn oneself or others into enemies of the Islamic Republic of Iran is in whose interest, whose service is it?

Is this the way to serve Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Bahrain, Yemen, Palestine or the countries of the region? In all simplicity, O noble scholars (of the audience), dear brothers and sisters, answer me two small questions: after the Camp David Accords (in 1978 sealing the peace between Israel and Egypt) and the developments of the last decades, if there was not a state called the Islamic Republic of Iran, where would Palestine be today? Where would Al-Quds (Jerusalem) be? Where would the Palestinian people be? Where would Lebanon be? Where would Israel be? I leave it to you to answer me. And today, the most important force in the Axis of Resistance, for Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, the whole region, is the Islamic Republic of Iran.

And my second question, if this Arab Spring, or rather this Arab Autumn, the truth of which has begun to emerge, had come today, if Daech had come —and they acknowledge that they have brought fighters by the hundreds of thousands from all over the world : this American Senator says they have brought fighters by the hundreds of thousands from 100 countries of the world, they brought them— and there had been no Islamic Republic of Iran to stand up to it, and to stand with Iraq, Syria and Lebanon, and the peoples of the region, where would those peoples be, where would those States be, where would those governments be? What dark, black and atrocious era would the Middle East be in today?

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We were talking about His Eminence the Sayed (Mohammad Ali al-Amin), may God be pleased with him, and his saying that man should know the blessings he enjoys and be grateful for them and not ignore, deny or curse them. This is what is required today, within the Axis of Resistance and the peoples of the region. You who place your hopes in the United States, this is the face of the United States, the United States that today fights to the last Ukrainian. Yesterday, what was the reaction of the Americans when the warmonger Zelensky, in response to the accession of the 4 Ukrainian oblasts to the Russian Federation, applied for NATO membership. What did they say to him? They told him “No, the time is not right.” Is it not the right time? Why not? Because if NATO integrates Ukraine, it would force the Americans to fight Russia. The United States does not want to fight Russia with the Americans. It wants to fight Russia with the Ukrainians, and after the Ukrainians, with the Europeans, just watching (from afar) and reaping the results and benefits. Such is the United States.

Know your friends, be fond of them and take care of them. Know your enemy, and if you will not fight him, at least do not rush to him to seek refuge, for you will find neither comfort nor security in his embrace. You will find only betrayal and backstabbing. […]

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