Speech by the Secretary General of Hezbollah, Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah, during the ceremony commemorating the birth of the Prophet (saas) and the Islamic Unity Week January 25th, 2013

During the Israeli parliamentary elections in 2013, Hassan Nasrallah gave the following speech, which remains current with the recent early elections in Israel which saw another victory of Netanyahu.

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Transcript :


I have a quick comment on the Israeli elections. In short, the Israeli election results lead to the following conclusions.

If in this world many people do not feel concerned and do not follow closely what is happening in the Zionist entity, we feel for our part concerned with whatever concerns Lebanon and whatever concerns the region. Because the problem is there. The story began there. It began with the creation and establishment of this entity. What happened and what is happening in this region is largely the fault of this entity and for the good of this entity, for its stability and preservation.

I do not want here to make a detailed analysis. I will only state the conclusion. These elections clearly recorded a fall of the ruling and founder parties of this entity – such as the Labour Party and Likud. Their decline is very clear. There is a lack in Israel: there is no strong party leader. This is what Netanyahu was advocating for when he said that Israel needs a strong party to head it. The elections did not give
that entity a strong ruling party. Strong and traditional leaders are lacking direly.

You remember what I said one day? In fact, it is not me who said that. Someone once told me – when Sharon was tyrannizing, intimidating and terrorizing the entire Arab world and the whole region – not to be afraid of Sharon, adding that he will not be able to do anything and that he was the last of Israeli kings. Then I said in one of my speeches that Sharon was the last king of Israel. Obviously he is the last king of Israel. Who has come after Sharon? Who was there?

Certainly, they have agreed on Netanyahu because there was no other choice. There was nobody. For them, this is the best of the current candidates. However, the crisis of confidence towards Netanyahu is obvious.

The absence of strong and founding leaders, the perseverance and progress of fanatical religious parties and the increase of the number of parties and parliamentary blocs undoubtedly complicate the process of decision making.

In general, anything that happened in these elections clearly expresses a leadership crisis in the entity, a party crisis, a crisis of confidence, and, therefore, a crisis of the entity.

However, what should not have deceived us in the past and which should not fool us now or in the future, is the talk about the Right, the Left, the Centre, and the Centre of the Centre and I don’t know what, the Right of the Right, etc. Regarding Jerusalem, regarding Palestine, regarding the rights of the Palestinian people, regarding the Palestinian cause, regarding the Palestinian refugees, regarding the Arab causes and rights, from Golan to Lebanon to the Sinai to Egypt, regarding the Israeli greed, regarding Israel’s threats to governments and peoples of the region, the Right, the Left, the Centre or the Centre of the Centre or the Left of the Left are all the same. Moreover, our experience has taught us that most Israeli wars were launched by the Left cabinets. Let there be no misunderstanding on the analysis of the Left and the Right. They are all the same. Whether the Right, the Left, the Centre or a national unity cabinet coming to power, nothing changes in this aspect of the confrontation with the enemy. Of course, it goes without saying that with many parties, it will be more difficult to make a political decision and there will be implementation problems as I have said. But in terms of the project, the vision, the antagonism, greed and threats, nothing changes. Therefore, it is not possible to rely on anything at this level.

Today, the insurance of Gaza is the strength of the resistance in Gaza. The insurance of Palestine, the Palestinian people and Palestinian rights is national reconciliation, the unity of the Palestinian people and its adherence to the choice of the Resistance.

The insurance of Lebanon, regardless of the leader of Israel, whether Netanyahu, Sharon, Shimon Peres, Barak, Labeed or whomever, the guarantee of Lebanon is in the formula we’ve always talked about. This is the Army-People-Resistance equation. Our national power, with its various components, is what protects Lebanon. The enemy does not vary whether there is a Centre, Right or Left government. The enemy looks towards Lebanon. If you have the strength, ability, if you can create a deterrent power, you can defend your country. So you can extract oil and gas, protect your country and your boundaries, etc. Any other element is useless is meaningless. The experience of decades with the Israeli enemy teaches this.

It is the same for the region. This is why I say that the best response to the Israeli elections, regardless of the findings and analysis, is a call for greater adherence to the Resistance. We must all cooperate so that the Palestinian people gets strong in Gaza, in the West Bank, in Palestine and outside Palestine.
We must all cooperate so that the Resistance in Lebanon remains strong and becomes even stronger. We must all cooperate to defuse the mines that litter our Arab region. This must be the answer to the Israeli elections.